Add a first-time welcome message to Visitors

Recently, I have seen multiple people in the Unofficial Roblox Discord Server wondering where their devforum new member role is. After some research and conversation, a majority of the time we find out that they’re a Visitor however they thought that login in to the forum counted as becoming a new member.

I believe that once you login to the forum for the first time a welcome message should be sent to you via the system or a pop-up message, it should say something along the lines of:

“Welcome to the developer forum! You are currently a Visitor and that means that you can only read posts however to start creating posts you will need to become a new member.
You can read how to become a new member here:
How to join the Roblox Developer Forum

With a message like this, it will reduce the confusion between the Visitor trust level and the new member trust level and perhaps help more people join the forum and start contributing!

Thank you for coming to my TED talk.


There is already a narrative bot that sends a message to the user when they first register, which links to, which has all the information they could need.

The problem is that people just don’t care enough to read any of it.


I never got this, was it added recently?

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Nope, been here since we started using this forum. Go back in your messages and look for one from discobot. You have the narrative tutorial badges so you have seen and even interacted with this message a lot.

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I completely forgot about this, I have no idea how.

But, when it says “we temporarily limit what new users can do” I believe there should be a link directly to how to join the forum ie.

“For safety reasons, we temporily limit what new users can do.
Start reading and in no time you’ll join the forum completely, you can read more here.
Over time, you’ll gain new abilites (and badges) as we get to know you”

This is technically possible via Discourse’s settings, but if the text is overridden it will not be translated into other languages, which can be an issue.

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I agree. When discobot says

we temporily limit what new users can do .

(emphasis mine)

it is unclear, as “new user” is not a forum rank at all. The phrase “new user” could also sound similar to “new member,” causing confusion. @return_end1 is right, a link should be added.

I suggest that that phrase is changed to either

we temporarily limit what visitors can do.


we temporarily limit what new users, such as visitors, can do.

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In my opinion, this is more clear, as both visitors and new members have restrictions on forum activity.

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I like this. Here’s my ver. though because some parts are wrong:

"Welcome to the Developer Forum! You are currently a Visitor and that means you can only read posts, however you can make your own by becoming a new member.

You can read how to become a new member here:

How to join the Roblox Developer Forum.

When you enter the site it should pop up on the top and you can click X to exit it.


Personally i had big problem with it, because it doesn’t clearly say: You can’t do anything except read, and you must level up. So i was finding post button for 4 hours, and than I got promoted.