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Official Rules

The Developer Forum is a resource for developers to learn and discuss with their peers. We have rules in place to keep it safe and efficient. Familiarize yourself with our rules with this topic.

How to join

The linked topic provides information on how to obtain membership roles within the Developer Forum.

How to rank up

Read this topic to learn what the qualifications are for our various roles.

How to report bad posts

Do you see a post that breaks our rules? Read this topic to learn how to use the Flag system to report it to our moderators.

Bug Reports and Feature Requests

How to post a Feature Request

This topic contains instructions on how to properly format your feature requests to be easily readable by our team.

How to post a Bug Report

Look at this topic for a list of information that ensures Roblox engineers understand and can act on bug reports.

Additional Resources


Turn notifications on to make sure you stay up to date on everything related to developing on Roblox.

Formatting Guide

Learn all about the intricacies of formatting a post on the Developer Forum.


Find other developers to work with on the Talent Hub.


Use this hashtag to share what you’re working on and check out other developers’ creations on Twitter!

Get Involved - Active Programs

Enroll in the Beta Program

Interested in testing new features? Sign up in this topic.

Take Surveys

Help out and by giving your feedback through these surveys.

Join the Accelerator Program

Learn about the internship program that empowers you to work in a team and create a Roblox game.

UGC Catalog Application

Into 3D modeling? Check out the application for our User-Generated Content Catalog and get started making your own assets.

Host Your Own Events

Got something you really want to talk about? Want to meet the audience of your game? Sign up to host your own events in this topic.

Nominating for the Discover Page

Looking for information about the sorts on the Discover page? This is the resource for you.

Write For the Blog!

Are you really passionate about a component of Roblox development? Passionate enough to write about it? This topic is your chance to do exactly that.

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