Add a History Window to View Actions in Studio

As a Roblox developer, it is impossible or hard to see the actions or history of actions that you and a user inside the game have made such as coloring a set of bricks, adding a script and committing or editing it and doing some undo/redo action whenever making a mistake like dragging a model and not noticing it after some time.

At the moment, it is kind of hard to manipulate and create such a tab or to memorize a for a studio version/session whenever you need to write or type down a huge script or create a map for a game. There are some workarounds and solutions to work with this such as doing the Undo and Redo actions but a problem with this is that you have to click and click constantly without noticing what you need to undo/redo too and not knowing that you might have passed it, you can’t see what action you’ve made and what type of script that you might have edited and accidentally removing that history of your studio session.

You could make a plugin, but it won’t be that much of a change and beneficial as I have to have an extra tab open or a piece of GUI that isn’t moveable and screen time/space for me and other developers.

In Photoshop and PaintNet, they have a history tab or revert tab to undo/redo a mistake or certain action for the person/user that is making the image or video with some actions such as coloring, moving images around, and such, but as well as to view what that previous action was like a Paint Bucket action, so why can’t Roblox Studio contain such a feature that will be important for us builders and scripters?

Some use-cases’ with this feature should be very simple:

  • It will be easier to revert and convert a certain action back to a certain state such as going back to a certain action and going forward to one whenever converting back.

  • When you’re working on a Script or ModuleScript, you don’t know when to undo to a certain history version whenever you’ve edited one of the scripts in your game, it has happened to all of us programmers at one point.

  • Another use-case for this is for the developer or user to read and analyze to undo/redo an action that they will see, this will be much easier for developers on huge games that need to see what actions that have been made by you or another developer to preview and see what a version looks like for a script or house.

    • ^ This won’t be seen by another developer/user inside studio unless the owner or OO (Original Owner) is done looking over and publishes the history onto the game if optional to add.

    • With this, you could select or delete a certain edit that you’ve made in a studio session alone or with company.

  • Last usecase, a History window for Roblox Studio would be beneficial for us developers for seeing what other developers or you that’ve been done by you or others or else, you’ll be confused and stuck or knowing that a undo/redo might make you re-write a script, organize a folder and a union.

There might be more use-cases for adding a History window, but those are the ones that are more efficient and useful for modern developers that I think will help out developers.

More Info:

There have been more topics that have been made in the past that were inspired by it but risky for a bump:

Although I would bump it, it would be flagged as I’ve seen some users getting flagged for a useless bump that is over 5 ~ 6 years of a topic, so I’ve added more use-cases and information than the other topics combined.

I would also like it to be similar to PaintNet but for instance(s), it should name whatever the script or part is named:



If Roblox is able to address this feature, it would improve my development experience because it can give me and other developers a wonderful and helpful environment and tool be more developer-friendly to see a certain version of a studio action and session to see a mistake; similar to Photoshop and PaintNet, it could also benefit developers to step forward or backward of a studio session. :+1: