Add a minimum play time to rate games

As a Roblox developer, it is currently too easy for my game to be dislike botted. There have been other threads on this in the past, and this is one example: Players must play atleast 10 minutes of a game before rating it. I’ll touch on it later.

I’ve recently released my first game this Saturday, and the release was astounding. We spent 18K on sponsoring over a few days, and we’ve made almost 110K back, and had an alright like/dislike ratio of 83%. Unfortunately, today it was dislike botted twice, bringing the ratio down to 23%. This is frustrating beyond belief and really makes me consider not developing at all or continuing my project, which is sad because of our recent success and hard work, all to go down the drain because of somebody with $5 to spare.

I propose Roblox adds a time minimum of at least a few minutes before someone can rate a game. Automatically, some botting services will be rendered useless. As our developer stats show, the bots don’t stay in game for longer than a few seconds. I know that bots can easily adapt to this by just staying in the game for longer, but the time minimum will at least allow developers to implement their own bot checks and kick bots before the time minimum is surpassed. Right now, a bot only needs to join the game to be able to rate it, so even if it is kicked immediately, it can still rate the game. Not having a time limit is, in my opinion, completely absurd. If nothing else the time limit can serve to make sure humans can’t rate a game when they’ve barely even loaded into it.

It couldn’t be harder than some other anti-bot solutions, because Roblox obviously already tracks playtime because of the average visit length stat. I don’t believe that there’s a reason not to do this. Addressing this issue will keep game ratings at least somewhat fair. I don’t think I need to explain to anyone why like or dislike botting is a bad thing and should at least be attempted to be fixed.


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