Players must play atleast 10 minutes of a game before rating it

The main reason I bring this up is because of the amount of dislike bombing going around on Roblox.

Dislike bombing is when someone puts thousands of bots in a game for 1 second, then uses all those bots to dislike the game.

If we had a minimum time limit, this could possibly be a solution to the problem.

This would also ensure that players have actually experienced the game before they give it a random thumbs up or thumbs down.



While the idea of trying to counter bots is noble, this would make it a lot easier for malicious games to avoid dislikes by annoying players with sound or flashing effects. Forcing a player to endure something like that just to leave a dislike would disrupt the actual effect of ratings to indicate whether a game is worth playing.

On top of that it would probably not be an actual way to prevent it if it just means the bot has to stay in-game a bit longer.


Still though, this would still prevent games where you fight other players from getting dislike bombed by people who can’t handle being killed twice, ragequitting, and leaving a dislike on a game.

The current ratings system isn’t that good imo and needs some kind of review system in place. This would both detail why the game is being disliked or liked, and would convey that information to the developer.

The rating system in general needs to be changed to actually be useful.


While I agree with TaaRt on a 10 minute minimum, I could see something smaller, such as a 1-2 minute minimum before disliking, as it wouldn’t encourage games to avoid dislikes by making players uncomfortable through flashing lights and the like.

There was another proposal on the forum (albeit 4 years ago) that proposed that players explain their dislike, which, yes, could very likely be botted, but then again, it could be a requirement that the user be registered (1 hour/day?) before being allowed to review a game.

(Review proposal is here:

Back on topic, a 10 minute requirement isn’t feasible for people to accurately review a game, and as has been mentioned before, bots can theoretically wait hours to dislike spam if that’s the requirement. A time limit isn’t going to affect them, and if the idea is that they get disconnected for being idle, the botter could simply add a few lines of code that tells the bots to move around so they don’t get kicked.

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