Add a new property to Mouse "HoverIcon"

Right now you can fix the issues with Mouse.Icon by using something like a ImageButton or ImageLabel and have it render over the mouse each frame with RunService.RenderStepped

I just think this is an unnecessary workaround, and it could be easily (I think) solved by adding a new Property to the Mouse. Allowing us to set a “HoverIcon” will add a small detail of gameplay that can actually be quite crucial, and allow for a better experience.


And this is for the automatic changing of the icon when the mouse moves over a button/any Active gui element?

I think that would probably be an appropriate addition.

Yes, exactly.

Personally I would not do it this way. What icon would be used when a user is selecting text from a textbox for example?

Perhaps a better solution would be to ensure that the Icon property is always respected even when hovering and introduce a property or event that reflects what is under the mouse, this could be an enum which the developer could use to decide which icon they want to show.


That could work too. Either way, I find we sincerely lack the decent control over the mouse icon.

I kinda like this, though, because it’s the common case. To not change the icon (or show some response) when the user hovers over it is a big user-experience mistake, and if ROBLOX didn’t intervene, I imagine most games would not implement any solution of their own.

Yeah, I think so too.