Add a new "Store" category in collaboration


I don’t know if this already was suggested but i suggest to add a new “Store” category in collaboration.

There is the recruitment category to hire developers and portfolios category to share our work and potentialy be contacted by other delovelopers to do commissions.
So i was wondering why there is not a “Store” category

About the store category

In the store category, we should be able to:

  • Selling our own work to other developers for robux or Usd.
  • We can show and sell only things we have made by ourself.
  • Posts will be verified and approved by roblox staff, same as portfolios and recruitment posts.

Edit: Idea to avoid stealing / scamming

  • Add a new rank between “Member” & “Regular”, this new rank will allow us to post on the store category.
    The rank will be automatically obtainable when all these requirement are reached:
  1. Being on the dev forum from +1 years
  2. Created a total of +50 posts on any category
  3. Reply on a total of +50 posts on any category
  4. Having 5 days of posts reading
  5. 25 of your posts in any category need to have a minimum of 5 likes.
  6. Get 500 like in total

Example post:

About me

I’m crygen, an experienced ui designer with 3years of experience.
I mainly made cartoon and medieval user interface.


Cartoony complete ui pack - 2500 robux / 35 usd

Medieval ui buttons pack - 1250 robux / 17 usd


You can pay the entire price in one time then i give you the file when i received the payment.
You also can pay 50% of the entire price, then i give you 50% of the file, if everything is right, we do the last 50%.

You can use the asset for all your development related to roblox.
You are not allowed to resell or redistributing the asset to other people.
Buying asset mean you can use it and not claim it as your own.


You can contact me on discord “User#4Number” or here in the dev forum to buy my asset.

Do you want this “Store” category ?
  • yes
  • no

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This was a previous forum feature in the past but it was removed due to scamming, stealing, and a lack of moderation. I do not think it will be coming back any time soon.

Besides, no new updates are coming in #collaboration as the talent hub is coming soon.


If we had the ability to sell things, this would be a great idea. :sob:

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That’s why OP is making a feature request to be allowed to do so. That being said, such a category did exist and was removed, see the first post. Please read the content before replying!


I wish this was here ;-;
It would be nice to just sell stuff without commissions, you could take your time on the model

I already read the post before I replied, but I guess I just didn’t really think about the fact that he was requesting it. Kinda dumb of me. Thanks for informing me!

Sorry, i was not sure if it was already suggested but apparently it already existed and removed in the past so should i need to remove this request post ?

i would want it, but this is basically it would become a sketchfab for roblox

I believe that this feature would be redundant especially since the new creator dashboard is in the works. Nonetheless, for a temporary solution, I believe this would work, but would need to be heavily moderated.

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Okay but the Talent Hub is coming soon-ish which would remove the collab category at a later stage.


In order for this to exist again, Roblox will need to let us create models to sell for Robux. For example, you can upload a UI to Roblox and publish to Roblox but set the price to, let’s say, R$1000. Once the person buys it, it goes directly to their inventory. No middleman. No scams.


Pretty sure this is the point of the Developer Marketplace coming soon.