Add a pop-up warning about Robux scams on signup

As a Roblox developer, I think that there are too many people on Roblox that got easily scammed because they wanted “free robux” and thought that there is a legit way to get free Robux.

Warnings about Robux scams are hidden on the platform and need to be searched for. So I suggest an actual pop-up warning about them, warning new users about how there is no free Robux and that their account will get terminated if Roblox detects that some Robux was obtained illegimately.
There is already a pop-up warning about adding a verified email to your account to “not get locked out”, and many mobile games already have announcements about illegimate currency purchases, warning users that their account will get banned if they use them.

The warning would ONLY appear on first sign-up and would look like this:


About Robux
Please note that there is no thing such as “free Robux” and report games that claim to give you Robux, as they are likely a scam to lock you out of your account. Do not follow any links that claim to give or generate Robux for free, and avoid buying Robux on sites other than directly from Roblox. If we find any illegitimate Robux on your account, it will be deleted.
Insert button to learn more about how to get Robux

If Roblox is able to solve this issue, it will reduce the percentage of users getting scammed and give people a valuable lesson - There’s no thing such as a free lunch.


I think that just one warning isn’t enough. That’s why I like to add something to this suggestion.

Every wall post, private message (and so on) is scanned by an AI bot. When this bots thinks that there is a Robux scam in it, it will block the message and give you a warning telling you that free Robux is a scam. When the player closes this warning, the original message pops up.
In the settings would be a simple option to disable this, to prevent getting those warnings.


Like the Roblox filter, the scammers would find a way to bypass the bot by using special characters. That’s why there need to be warnings regardless of content, like a red bar in comment sections saying “Remember: If an user promises you free Robux, it most likely is a scam”, not including the bot part.

Also, if any Roblox Staff is reading this, please remember that there are pop-ups nagging people to verify their email which is alot less important than Robux scams in my opinion.