Add a rule for necroposting in bulletins

Necroposting is in short, the act of taking an old, dead topic, and either reposting it or reviving it via commenting on an older topic. Now a good culprit of this, is the new bulletins board, though I’m actually alright with the idea of this, I do see a few users(not to be named) abusing it by spamming a ton of necroposts, posts from 2013 and such. I would like it if there were some sort of regulation there, as I don’t see a reason for necroposting on bulletins if you aren’t even going to use it.

Now don’t get me wrong, I do like the ability to bring older topics to light in development discussion and such, however I can safely call those different as often times it can be better than just creating a new topic on the same subject as before.

EDIT: Alternatively, we can just have all this unlisted, would be nice to see the bulletins board clean, after all, most of these posts are going to be linked from the roblox website, so that would be nice.


They should be using things like Google Docs or an archive website for really old records, I think.

The DevForum isn’t a post dump.


To add on to this, perhaps simply unlisting the bulletins things would be nice too.


Remember that you can edit your post if you want to add stuff :wink:

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Unlisting all posts automatically sounds like a good idea. The posts aren’t intended for public consumption anyway, just those within a specific community.

Definitely agree with this, there is absolutely no need for anyone to post year old “wins”

Bulletin board is now unlisted, I believe by default they’ll be muting it. Now we just use it to post items for our groups and no need to worry about people spamming it since we won’t see it. :slight_smile:

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I’ve never understood why forumers get really uncomfortable when an old thread is bumped.
It’s not as if an old thread represents a significant amount of clutter, and when it’s bumped it’s because the responder thinks there is something worth mentioning or asking.

The real clutter problem is that there’s a wall of stickies on this subforum about 1500 pixels tall.
It’d be more like 500 pixels if stickies didn’t show three lines of the text body.

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Necrobumping is usually frowned upon because:

  • Users opinions may have changed in that long period of time
  • Arguments made 4 years ago may no longer be relevant
  • The thread may be obsolete (e.g. bumping feature request for already-implemented feature)
  • Some threads are time-sensitive (there’s no benefit in bumping “What should I name my dog?” 3 years from its posting)

It’s fine if those don’t hold true. Some good examples are bug reports that are still problems or feature requests where the majority of the posts are still relevant (e.g. ZIndex for parts).

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Yes, but people still get way too annoyed by necros.
I’m surprised at how hostile everyone is on this forum, no where else is everyone trying to tightly control how everyone else posts.

By the way, a ZIndex for parts would be pretty nice, but the real problem is how little control users have over shaders.
I know exactly how a ZIndex would be implemented for parts, it’s as simple as passing an extra value into the vertex shader which is used to move vertices closer to or further from the camera, but I’ve never needed it.
What I have needed plenty of times is a way to write my own shaders, because textures look awful and there’s very few built-in shaders to choose from.
It’d be awesome if making a skybox with shaders was possible.

Places that don’t end up like the Roblox forums. Reputable online communities control bad behavior so they continue to be useful. Going back to necrobumping, these sites may tackle it by archiving threads like Reddit, locking them, or by deleting necrobumps.

I used it as an example for bandwagon topics because it wasn’t feasible:

Similar story: