Add a Terrain property to disable WaterColor time-based adjustment

Currently, the Roblox water color is affected by the clock time. While this provides a nice effect for a lot of games, it does not for all, and in our case, limits how creative we can be and how good looking our environments can be underwater.

We are currently working on an expansive diving mechanic for our game, using some neat scripting to make water darker the deeper you go. With this, we expect the water’s color to remain around what we set it as.
However, with Roblox’s time-based WaterColor adjustment, the color varies wildly based on the time of the day, creating very undesired effects such as these:

We are trying to create a cold, deep and frozen-ish water environment, and the time-based adjustment makes it seem muddy and tropical at times, which goes completely against what it’s intended to be.

The current workaround for this is to make the client set the clock time instead of the server, so that we can set the time to 12 or other good looking hour in the client. This is obviously not ideal and requires changing a core component of the game.

The effect is great, don’t get me wrong. It just should be optional, as since it is forced right now, it limits imagination.