Add a way to adjust the volume of individuals on voice chat without changing game audio

As a Roblox developer, it is currently too hard to develop games with voice chat and other volume effects together as players often complain about voice chat being difficult to hear. When others and I use voice chat, often times it is impossible to hear what other players are saying through spatial voice chat even though they are right next to me. Other times, some players are overly loud, making the experience uncomfortable.

Many platforms with voice chat have a feature like this, such as Discord:


I am missing this feature on Roblox. The ability to change user volume would also be more accessible to users who are hard of hearing; they may not want to increase in game volume (i.e. music) but are having difficulty understanding other players in game.

If Roblox is able to address this issue, it would improve my development experience because I would be confident knowing that players can adjust the audio levels of other players in their server to have the best possible experience with voice chat. In addition, as a player who likes to play games that use voice chat, it would allow me to be able to actually hear certain players, while also lowering the sound of players who have a loud mic or are doing something else (i.e. fan going on in room, playing music, etc.).


Absolute must-have for accessibility. Everyone has different microphones, microphone environments, and decibel metrics reflecting their conditions.

This will let people hear one another more reliably for sure.


Fully support. I can’t hear people in many voice chat servers I join.

Additionally I think we need less volume range. I can raise my volume so I can hear people better but somebody talking loudly or playing loud music will go far beyond what’s comfortable to my ears.


Also, like discord, this setting should persist across all experiences. That way, you only need to set it once for friends and don’t have to reset it every time. Bonus points if this UI can be devloper envoked for custom player lists & such.