Add a way to get the central position of the "shape" when a shapecast hits

Currently when using shapecasts it is cumbersome to get the central position of the shape when the ray hits.


This would be especially useful for simulating projectiles that may ricochet/bounce off surfaces (currently I am stuck setting the projectiles new position to the hit point which causes noticable clipping). Adding this as a feature would be greatly appreicated (making RayResult.ShapeCenter == RayResult.Position for oridinary raycasts would be great too).


does RaycastResult.Instance.CFrame not solve this?

Oh I see, misunderstood the request.
I think you could still compute this using the result’s normal and current radius/size of the shapecast?

This would work, but a value within RaycastParams would still be appreicated.

Edit: However this approach doesn’t seem to work for Blockcasts.

The resulting position is based on RaycastResult.Distance.
You can get the final location as originalCFrame + direction.Unit * result.Distance.

Maybe it would make sense for us to add that as a convenience function if folks would find that helpful :slightly_smiling_face: