Add a way to outline a model for selection (instead of a selection box)

As a Roblox developer, it is currently almost impossible to outline a Roblox model in a reasonable way. Outlining models is a good way to show current selected state.

Selection boxes work, but do not highlight models that have complex geometry, i.e. anything that isn’t a box.

If Roblox is able to address this issue, it would improve my game by letting me switch from using SelectionBoxes to something that looks much cleaner.

Unselected fish

Desired effect for selected fish

SelectionBox look for fish:

Basically, trying to make selection boxes visually appealing is hard. There are currently work arounds with ViewPortFrames, but

A) These have performance implications
B) These effects don’t quite match global lighting, even with tweaking


I completely agree. It’s an annoying hassle to do workarounds, such as exporting the object into blender and then inverting the normals, then importing it back into Studio and making it slightly larger.

I’ve created a temporary workaround for this problem, through my plugin.

Basically does what you want, minus it’s a green outline instead of a black one.


There is currently no elegant way to create clean, consistent outlines around parts other than SelectionBox and SelectionSphere instances, but these don’t morph to the shape of a mesh. I think an instance that can be parented to a part or model would be of great use, especially with customizable colour, thickness, transparency, and the ability to see it through walls.

I envision being able to use them to create highlighted objects in the game world such as in Payday 2

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