Add a Website Support Sub-category in the Help and Feedback Category

As a Roblox Developer, it is currently hard to find a correct category to create a topic for when you need help the main website.

There are several times where I’ve needed help with something on the main website, but I couldn’t ask the Developer Forum for help without it getting flagged and taken down by DET.

If Roblox were to address this issue, there would be less off-topic posts on the DevForum and all developers would be able to get help for when they need with something on the main website without the topic being taken down by DET.


Would it be “off-topic” or somethin?

I think that would be #uncategorized but you can’t post there.

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Exactly. You can’t post there. You can’t post website issues anywhere right now, which is why I propose this feature to be added to the Developer Forum.

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I’m not saying that it’s the solution but I would like to see this feature, I hate my post getting flagged for like a website featurem

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It would be considered off topic to the category since #help-and-feedback is dedicated for development only.

It’d be great if you specified the issues. It’d help to provide an example in the post overall.

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My feature request for the Developer Forum is for help with the website. Since there is already a way to make a website feature request on the Developer Forum, then there’s no need to use “Website-Support” for feature requests.

I agree, regular rank is still closed and we can’t post in many categories which is very annoying. And if the topic is in off topic, but it is for a topic then it will be moved there by a moderator.

Alright. I will provide some examples below. Please note that I know that some of these issues can be found by searching the DevForum, but the list I’m providing would be questions that would be appropriate to create topics in the sub-category I’m proposing to add to the Developer Forum.

  • Asking the DevForum how we can create Plugins for the Marketplace with a price.
  • Advertising/Sponsorship Support and/or Confusion
  • How to upload a decal without getting moderated for it
  • How do I view how much robux I made out of Premium Payouts
  • How to view how much robux I made via gamepasses and Developer Products
  • What does “listed” mean on your experience list
    Screenshot 2022-01-05 10.51.38 AM
  • Some others

Since you’re essentially asking for a catch-all platform support category it might also be worth supporting this feature request:

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I had no idea this topic existed. Thanks! Will do.

Most of those examples don’t seem to be sufficient enough to really justify a whole category especially since most of those questions are frequently asked in #development-discussion

Closing this because an existing feature request for the same is linked above.