Add an AvatarEditorService method to determine what bundles an asset is included in

As a Roblox developer, it is currently too hard to determine, for a given asset ID, what bundles it is included in. The current solution (and only option) is to use /v1/assets/{assetId}/bundles from the catalog API (for instance,, however, this requires the use of a proxy.

Why is this information necessary?
→ Because without it, you cannot determine what bundle is associated with a given asset ID, and hence, cannot prompt the user to purchase the necessary bundle to own a given asset ID.

During the development of my new game, an outfit discovery and customization tool, this has been the only bit of information that requires the use of a proxy, as AvatarEditorService, AssetService, and MarketplaceService cover all other grounds.

Before the release of public bodies and heads, this wasn’t a huge issue, as creating a cached index of all the bundles and their associated items was a viable workaround. Now, however, the amount of bundles is endless and new ones are always being created, necessitating the need for the ability to determine bundles from asset IDs on the fly without forcing developers to have to create a proxy.


I need this for my Catalog-based experience as well!

Users can enter the game with an individual DynamicHead, Animation, or BodyParts item…

Which itself cannot be purchased. I need the parent Bundle Id to fetch product info and find the remaining items in the bundle + show the user a price tag and allow them to purchase said item.

I’m currently using the proxy mentioned in OP to do this, but it feels so gross considering how detailed the rest of the in-game Catalog has become.

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