Add archive ability in gear button within the develop page for faster archiving

Some people have a very high amount of decals they may want to archive or just simply find it inconvenient to go to a individual page each time to archive something.

I suggest that to increase the speed of archiving multiple assets like decals that it is added in the drop down from the little gear button in the develop page here:

It is simply much more convenient then to go to a new page, aim your mouse at the archive button and then reload the develop page. Even if you do keep the develop page, you’re still going to new pages a lot and while minor, is inconvenient.

When selecting “Show Archived”, it could also allow archived assets to be easily restored through that same drop down list of options among Configure & Advertise.


Because of the feature request above, I came back to this topic as I feel like this is somewhat related to it.

Currently, we can’t delete games. It’s a fact and de have to deal with it.

However, archiving games isn’t easy and you must have Roblox Studio open for it in order to easily see your archive, and to archive games.
There also isn’t a way to solely view the archive via the website, which is really annoying and frustrating.

Please consider this, it would improve the accessibility for me to organize the page with my assets (like games for example).