Add asset ID to asset display page

As a Roblox developer, it is currently hard to help your playerbase find IDs of assets (Audio, Images) for in-game content. Currently, to acquire the ID, you must look in the URL bar and find the ID:
That might be easy for us technical people, but most of our playerbase might not find it easy.

Another reason this is important is due to an update for Chrome that may be coming in the future that hides everything in the address bar but the domain name.

Here is some proof this is an issue with the playerbase of Roblox:

Here a player is trying to help the public find the song ID, but alas the chat filter tags it:

If this was addressed, my development experience would be enhanced as I would not have to go through the steps in teaching my players how to find audio IDs, or take the initiative to create a GUI to find audios through the game. All of this really seems unnecessary when players should be able to find the ID easier.

I think given the amount of players having trouble with this and how many games have music embedded within them that you should take a lot of consideration into this update.

Thank you!


Finding asset IDs is simple for us, but might not always be that simple for a 6 year old.

This is how this would be made:

There would be a field for the asset ID, and maybe a button to copy it to your clipboard. It’s so simple to make, and it would make so many people happy. Come on Web Developers of Roblox, implement this! :smile:

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