Add AutomaticScaling property to Accessories

As a Roblox developer, it is currently too hard to use Accessories with Humanoids without them being automatically resized. There is the AutomaticScalingEnabled property of Humanoids, but that disables/enables automatic scaling for all accessories, not just the one I want to retain its size. Adding a property to individually enable/disable automatic scaling for each Accessory would make working with Accessories easier. The default value would be true, so that the current behavior is kept.

My use case: I have ores that can be picked up, and I am using Accessories to display them. When they are spawned, their size is (3, 3, 3). When I add one to my character using Humanoid:AddAccessory(), it’s size is changed to (2.91, 3.416, 3.545), and the Attachment’s Position is changed from (-1, 0, 0) to (-0.97, 0, 0). The ore now looks like a rectangle instead of a square, which is not desireable.