Add back BillboardGui.Enabled and SurfaceGui.Enabled

Recently (Oct. 4), Roblox skipped even deprecating these properties and went straight to removing them. It seems that Roblox did a clear-up of API bloat in this recent update, but ended up removing some genuinely useful features.

Both of these properties had genuine use-cases, and now have to be substituted by either iterating through the contents of either GUI container, or by making a frame that contains all of the contents.

I would like to propose that these properties be re-added, as I have been using them frequently in my code, and I am sure many others have also been doing so.

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It was removed from those specific classes and added to the superclass LayerCollector. There’s no real change.


My bad, seems there was a bug where the GUI’s weren’t being disabled properly. (on my end)

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