Add bubbles, parts, zones, whatever, to topics

So, one of the issues many people face inside this forum is to not repeat topics more than once. I say let’s talk about robux, I make a discussion about robux, but I get told that someone else already did a topic discussing robux so I should give my opinion there.

The issue with this mentality is that most of the time this is a dead-end zone where you’re talking to a wall, and many other people don’t like replying to other posts because it’s considered topic necromancy and such.

What I suggest is to separate one topic within areas, zones, whatever it could be called.

It’s basically that, once a topic is made, area 1 will be made inside that topic, and everybody who replies to that topic will be replying in that area. Then, once a week has passed, if someone decides to reply to that topic again it will appear in area 2 instead of area 1, which means that it can get in the front page again and the people who replied to the topic in area 1 won’t be notified of what happens in area 2 and the replies will be put in separate sections, giving people a reason to reply to an old topic to discuss something that was discussed some time ago now, now with different people, because in roblox therrs always different people who you will meet.

If this was implemented, people would be replying to topics with 2k replies without resulting in it being useless, it would be fragmented between people discussing in the same topics, just in other areas. It would also avoid the issues that come fröm replying to an old post 3 months later, as now that new reply Will be in a new area and the people who had engaged in that topic will not be notified, and who will reply to them? Perhaps it could be put in the front page for other people, who were never engaged in that discussion before, to discuss with that person too.

This can be used in a lot of methods.

  • topic necromancy wouldn’t be as annoying
  • replying to a post with 2k replies won’t result in people who see the post first time having to go down 2k replies to see you, just scroll through the areas and find the one you were at.
  • there would be no motivator to open more topics discussing the same topic many times, now it’s all put in just one.
  • there would be a bigger motivation to reply to a post with 60 replies
  • and more people could be heard.

This seems like it would hurt discoverability more than help it. People would scroll to the bottom of Zone 1 and stop, or if it shifted automatically to zone 41 after 41 weeks, nobody would read zone 23. No support.


But it doesn’t set people to see everything.

It’s not for people to go through specific bubbles, its to allow people to discuss the same topics in different weeks, and the people who were engaged in the topic time ago won’t be involved in that one there too.

And also, zone 41 is kind of exaggerated. A new zone is made one week after the previous zone was done, and it will only do another one when someone replies to the topic once again weeks later.

Like, first week, area 1, next week, area 2, 6 months pass by and someone replies to it again, area 3, not area 40 or whatever it would be.

Maybe for you area 23 won’t be useful, but there would be replies in that section of people who engaged there, let say, 3 months ago. It’s not really just for you, but for the people who get engaged at that time. You can’t really reply to that zone as you never got involved in it, I think you should, but you’re put in the current zone.

This all but discourages discussion except from the same week. If a user does not want to be included in a post they should mute it. What’s the problem with just replying other than

? Necroposts are allowed if it encourages discussion, so I guess I just fail to see the need for this.

Read me reply 800.

Try making a discussion with different people in this topic.

That’s the issue, you can’t get to a reply in a quick moment

And you can’t discuss topics said before without waking everybody else up.

People don’t really like necrobumping, and posts like these are not put in order.

There’s 5000 replies, a bit too exagerrated for what I’m trying to solve. While you could have an issue going to zone 23 and reading the replies there but that won’t be a big of an issue as you only have to look at the library and find zone 23, at least it’s not scrolling for 2 hours to find the reply you’re looking for.

Imagine you posted something in that topic with 5000 replies. Would you like to be reminded 2 years later that you replied to it? No, just close the discussion to where you were at.

You can toggle topic notification settings as well by clicking on the bell at the bottom of the topic

or on the scroll bar at the right


from there you can mute the topic. Seems too difficult to implement your suggestion as well.


Ironically it has 6 likes, which shows people do read replies everywhere in the post.

What’s this for?

I have no clue why that was said when the reply was only 4 or so hours after the other one.

Then how would you solve the issue of having too many replies in one topic and having people only read the first reply?

The middle ground of replies isn’t really there for everyone to read, you probably would just skip it altogether and keep on with your life, but that middle ground is there for the people who were engaged at that time, discussing at that time.

If you wanted to make another reply a few months later you wouldn’t get put in the same place everybody else was before, you would be put as the first reply in a different zone, and it would start a new discussion inside that topic.

There’s also the problem of having to scroll through a lot of replies to find the one you want. With the zones you fragment the replies in sections and it can give an easier time knowing when were the new replies put, and who was involved in that new reply section.

I don’t know about you on pc, but me on mobile it’s hard to get to the right post. I don’t even have that bar right to the side.

What is with my post, also i am very confused here.

You can’t solve that issue. If people just want to read the first reply they can.

This is the problem with this request. Making 8 different discussions about the same thing is counterintuitive to itself: for discussing.

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I think i will just ignore that…

There is no problem with that. Making 8 different discussions about the same topic seems completely normal.

The people who discussed the topic the first week are not the same people that discussed it 3 months later. Or do you want them to be the same people? Because what I’m trying to do is avoid that, make necromancy less annoying and more open to different discussions.

Making 8 different discussions instead of 1 single discussion where you don’t even know where your replies are is much better. Separating the replies between sections of different people allows more people to discuss something without resulting in your reply, after the other 70 other replies, be completely useless. I mean why do you think the first replies have the most hearts and the ones 70 lines below have none? It’s because people only read the first replies, and to fix that you can reply to that same topic with people in your current time and not with the people in the previous timeline.

Discussion can be used to communicate ideas between people, but how do you expect your ideas to be heard if nobody is going to be at the 70th line, which is precisely the line that divides your reply, said in June 2021, from the one before you, said in July 2019. Replying there would become useless, what I try to achieve with this is to not make it useless but to open new discussions with people who were never involved in the first place. The people in July 2019 already had their time discussing in July 2019, now whoever is in June 2021 has their moment to discuss the same topic with the people in the same timeline, and where would that be? In a different zone.

Do you want to be reminded to disable a topic you replied to in 2020? By an accident? Or do you want it to be just disabled once the time has gone? Only the people who replied to a specific area can reply to that specific area, they can reply in others, but it’s not obligatory.