Add Character For class

Hi I watched the RED video here:

But I would like to add a Character to the class how can I do that?


I don’t exactly understand what you are trying to achieve, think you could elaborate?

It’s like a startercharacter but only for yours depending on what class you select.

Store your characters in ServerStorage or something, then, when a player enters one of the selected classes, clone one of the characters you have stored and set it as Player.Character. Keep in mind that by changing characters, you’ll have to change the CameraSubject and move over the scripts from the old character to the new one. You could also go by using HumanoidDescriptions in order to change the appearance of your character, in your case, whenever someone enters a specified class.

Yes Aba Like

But since I just started on the scripts I don’t know how to do it and I’m really beginner

I’d recommend making simple games before making complicated anime fighting games. You could also hire a programmer.

I mean code it however you want but to me this sounds like you need OOP.
With the knowledge Object-Oriented Programming you’d know how to go from where you are.

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Thanks for using my tutorial as a reference, My Tophat bro :heart: !!!

Here is a tutorial on what I think you are looking for: