Add classic shirts/pants archiving functionality

As someone who uses the platform to upload clothing, I have a large catalog of shirts and pants that have been uploaded many years ago (8+ years ago) which may have infringed copyright or that I do not want to be publicly available.
I’m asking for the implementation to archive (classic) shirts and pants because currently it is extremely long and tedious to “archive” these assets.
The current process involves taking the assets off-sale, renaming them and then emailing which then takes days to weeks in order for them to remove. This feature would help tremendously as I have gotten copyright strikes which could’ve otherwise been avoided had I been able to archive the clothing first. I have been working through all copyrighted clothing and emailing them to be removed but I simply do not have the time to do it all at once.
What makes it worse, is when you receive a ban for something you missed - you cannot access the remaining clothes which I intended to archive.

I’m just not sure why the archiving feature does not exist for classic shirts, pants and t-shirts despite it being available for almost every other form of UGC. This is simply unacceptable as you expect people to jump through several hoops just to remove a piece of clothing from their account but heavily moderate them if they do not do so.

There are a lot of people who would benefit from such a feature supporting these assets and from the company standpoint - you should be doing all you can to support the removal of ip infringing content whilst avoiding friction with users of your site.

You mention you can “archive most asset types” in your documentation here - why not atleast mention what asset types you support instead of forcing the user to go check for themselves.


Adding onto this thread: will redirect you to the normal support team when you request archival/removal of your own personal assets, and the normal support team will not archive/remove anything no matter how much you ask, and to top it all off when you do eventually receive a claim on an asset they claimed to archive, they will give you the strike and insist you never archived the asset.

My source: Was banned for almost 8 months straight, had to harass support weekly without fail because of their sheer incompetence. Multiple times was told all sorts of wild stories, from claiming I never archived the assets, never requested the assets to be archived, all the way to downright horrific claims such as the archival request ticket never existed/doesn’t exist, even once implying the ticket was deleted (which clearly wasn’t true as they magically changed their story every single time I got a reply, which was often months apart at times)

Do not trust to archive your content

Oh yeah funniest of all is whenever you get something claimed, you get told that you can archive assets to prevent issues like that in the future - nowhere does it say you cannot archive clothing, you have to find that out the hard way.


Have you used the copyright agent email recently and received any reply?

I used them around 2 months ago, where they responded that they archived my requested items a month after sending the email.

I also just sent an email a few days ago, where I received some automated response that it is being forwarded to a specialist.


Some people on the Dev forum are saying that the email to the copyright agent isn’t working at all, at least since April 9 when a whole wave of request content has been archived by other people complaining that they’ve been waiting for years to have content archived.

The whole thing is a mess and its hard to even keep track how the state of things currently stand.
I’ve emailed the Copyright Agent twice within the past month and they haven’t even responded yet.

In the past they’ve responded within 3 days. Now, nothing.

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Yeah, the process is really poorly done and poorly documented. I’m not even sure how you would go about knowing to email copyright agent to get assets archived if you weren’t looking on the devforum or something similar.

Which is why I initially got moderated for IP infringement and something I noticed was that even the link that they provide in their email to explain how to archive is invalid :laughing:

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I still have received no reply since then, it’s been 62 days now. Not even sure where to go from here, other than just hope that new archiving features come out and they’d be adequate enough.

Hey, maybe a dumb question, but what does archiving clothing do?

The purpose of archiving anything is to remove it from the platform so that it is no longer usable or visible. Currently you can only do this for specific assets as mentioned here.

To update on this, roblox has implemented some sort of a solution for this problem, where you can submit a form to get 2d avatar items (as well as 3d) archived. You can see more here but it is just temporary and has several issues.
They did state that

By the end of 2024, we plan to introduce a self-service archival option for Marketplace

which does provide me with some hope.

Just recently checked my emails to see if my assets were actually archived, but it turned out they weren’t. Have been waiting for around 3-4 months but just assumed that it was going to be archived within the 30 days they mention - so it turns out that they never did archive anything.

Also same situation with the more recent request where they “forwarded it to a specialist”.

Try checking the linked items in either incognito mode, or remove the items from your inventory.
If they have been archived, they should only be visible to those who own them, i.e, in an inventory.

If they haven’t been archived, they might have not been archived when the “Copyright_Agent” email system was still in place and the new system was being installed.

The new system, according to the post, won’t inform you once they are archived so you have to check to see if it is done by checking the links.

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