Temporary Process For Archiving Avatar Items

Hi Creators,

We heard your feedback around archiving items and are happy to share a new process for requesting the archival of your past uploaded avatar items.

You can request a one-time permanent archival of your own items by filling out the support form here and selecting DMCA under the Type of help category, then selecting Asset Archive Request. This process supports both trademark and copyright requests.

Please include the following information, and we will work to permanently archive it:

  • An explicit request to archive your content
  • URL links or asset IDs of the content you wish to archive

This process can be used to archive both 2D and 3D avatar items.

Please Note: To protect the creativity of others, the Roblox Terms of Use states that any content you create must respect the intellectual property rights of others – both on and off our platform.

This means you should not upload content you do not own or did not get the owner’s permission to use.

You can get ahead of potential IP issues by ensuring your items do not contain infringing IP at the point of upload.

These are some limitations while we work on a more self-serve option:

  • Limited items and Bundles are not supported.
  • Once you submit your request you will not get confirmation/regular correspondence. Please do not submit multiple requests to take down the same item.

This is the next step to better support you in managing your past and new creations on Roblox, and we’re excited to build tools that better handle the management of all types of IP. By the end of 2024, we plan to introduce a self-service archival option for Marketplace. We’ll have more to share in the coming months.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

Thank you.


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yo, this is a dub for the community and creators alike

W update


Roblox i love you for this THANK YOU


Why did it take you so long?
In any case, thank you! It is clear that you can hear your community sometimes.


wait the title says Avatar Items archive but the other says Asset Archive

if an asset id is archived does it still function? :thinking:


Must be a huge relief for the people that uploaded IP content way back


If we previously emailed the copyright agent to request archival, but haven’t heard back yet, are we expected to also fill out this new form?


Didn’t Roblox already have this but it didn’t work and people still got DMCAd :skull:

Okay but less hate, good job with this. Better to fix it than just leave it broken.


This is a very good update! I’ve been waiting for a long time for this.
However I have a few questions, related to avatar bundles, by my understanding, these will also be able to be archived in the future right? If so, is there any possibility you could allow creators to rename their avatar bundles to make them unable to be searched in the catalog while you’re working for a way to allow creators to self-archive these? as well as making ALL the body parts hidden as well in the future?

This is such a good huge update, and I’m glad items can still be worn by those who purchased them. The only issue that I see at the moment, is the inability to archive bundles, but I can’t wait to see that coming as well. I would also be happy if unpublished items can’t be searched anymore because I have a few test items (including a few bundles) which I would like not to have shown on the catalog.


Oh neat, can we also get archive features for other assets though?
As far as I know we still cannot archive animations and models in our inventory.

I’ve uploaded a lot of rubbish when I was still a kid and a lot of the things I uploaded I can’t remove or archive and are wasting space on my profile.

Archiving is not available yet for every asset type.


Delete button

Archiving is technically deleting, but the asset still remains on Roblox’s content servers. It simply just prevents the API from accessing it.

I still feel like an out and out delete button would be useful here.


The time bomb I talked about back in August 2022 has finally been released from developers, I think despite this great news, it’s critical to remind the team and wider developers of the past so that future developers avoid the same issue.

I pray that that this is not a replication the failures of IPcontent_removal_request (Dead email) replicating to this temporary workaround and that later this year that we see the ability to archive more and more asset times as this feature rolls out

Great work Roblox, let’s not replicate the failures of the past with this.


I can understand the “regular correspondence”, but I think confirmation would be a crucial quality of life feature.

Since this is temporary, it’s not as big an issue, but that “self-service archival option” should definitely have that confirmation. Yet, without that, who’s to say the system even works? People would have to constantly worry and check if the items were taken down.

Will there be a hold on DMCA request ability on an item if the “Creator” of the item requests a Archival using this, or future systems? Using the system here would show a self-determination to do the right thing. I’d hate for someone to get a ban over something they uploaded when they were young, and the systems not being able to handle people in mass.


Roblox released a very bad update then released a good one.

This will be good for people with very old accounts because they might accidentally of uploaded copyrighted items.


I assume the reason this isn’t a thing is AssetId’s, but that’s not really a string argument I think. If someone requests an Asset that’s been deleted, maybe show a small pop-up about that asset being deleted if someone tries to use that same AssetId. Repurposing that AssetId after a certain amount of days might be good, not sure.


Please allow us to archive more asset types. Managing your assets/inventory on Roblox is one of the biggest pain points as a developer atm.


Could you go into detail on how these items are archived?

I recently emailed Roblox’s copyright agent about removing several hundred old assets, many of which being clothing, assets I couldn’t discover until the Creator Dashboard released, and everything Roblox had previously missed the last time I requested the removal of old items I’ve uploaded. Only fifty-three of those items were removed after my request, and not very well.

Despite being hidden from being viewed on the Roblox website

  • None of the development assets related to the avatar items were deleted
  • You could still insert them via Roblox Studio
  • Web API still shows the name, description, and uploader for these assets

Here’s an example of one of the 2D clothing assets I requested to be deleted, along with the Image associated with it.
Pants Economy Details
Texture Image

It’s nice to see some progress towards managing our older uploads, but my experience with how Roblox has handled this issue over the years has burnt away my trust.


No, archiving assets disables them from functioning in-experience


Seems like it would be more effective to just make some sort of built in automatic archival process.

This has been a longstanding issue that has gone unaddressed for many years.