Add dedicated in-engine Guilded media channel support

The Initial Problem

As a Roblox developer, it is currently too difficult to safely curate, moderate, display, and maintain community-created fanart within my experience.

When going about this today, I have to do the following:

  1. Scan multiple social media channels with various tags to find fanart for my experience
  2. Find a piece of art that is indeed about my experience and ensure it is appropriate
  3. Reach out to the artist to ask for permission to display their art in my experience + what their Roblox account is (to give credit)
  4. Download the artist’s art from social media or from the artist directly - this may result in a loss in image quality or exposes me to scenarios where I could get a computer virus
  5. Upload the artist’s art using the Creator Dashboard
  6. Display the artist’s art in-experience; utilizing a custom system to identify and display who made the art

Wowser. As you can imagine - this is quite taxing. Especially for smaller studios or larger communities.

Why not unify your workflow with something like Guilded?

Great question! Guilded solves art ingest bifurcation and identifying an artist’s Roblox account, but heavy manual involvement is still required.

A developer must still ensure they have permission to use the art, download the art manually from Guilded, reupload the art onto Roblox, then create some sort of schema with important display metadata + credits. On top of all of this, there is no scalable or safe way to automate this.

Therefore, in-engine APIs and a few Guilded tweaks are necessary to make this workflow efficient, safe, and easy to do.

Proposed Solution

In-Engine Functionalities

  • Add in-engine APIs that allow me to read media channels in my Guilded server

  • Should allow me to know various metadata about the art (e.g. who uploaded it, when they uploaded it, what they named it, what tags it has, whether or not it was created as an image on Roblox / approved by moderation, etc.)

  • Should give me a Roblox AssetId that I can display in-experience

  • Should be fairly responsive, where if the art is later deleted via Guilded, it will no longer be fetchable

  • Should not require me to use proxys or the Open Cloud API

Guilded Tweaks

  • Add an optional channel functionality that makes it so that a community moderator MUST manually approve a media submission before it can be seen in the channel and read with in-engine APIs

  • Add an optional channel functionality that restricts media uploads to only images (and not gifs and videos)

  • Add additional optional fields when submitting media to a media channel in a Guilded server (e.g. can the server owner display their content in a Roblox experience if credited, a title for their art, etc.)


Add the ability to display curated image media submissions from Guilded in Roblox experiences without needing complex automation + API proxys + Open Cloud. This would allow me to build and foster a creative community for my experiences.