Add Funds To Group Without Tax


I know this is a bit of a necrobump, but with the recent “every transaction must pend for 3 days” update, this is needed now more than ever. Was gonna make a thread about it, but I found this one, so here’s my newish suggestion to this.

Because of this ^. (I.e. you have to use group funds on group items, instead of personal funds) it can be extremely annoying to have to:
A. Lose 30% of your funds which were already taxed 30% when you earned them somewhere else
B. Have to wait 3 days to do something as simple as purchase a badge
C. Not be able to do anything related to a simple badge for 3 whole days

So, my ideal solution.
A group owner can free transfer funds to their group. No wait period. No 30% fee.

I’m really not a whole taxation is thieving kind of person when it comes to the US Government. Taxes are necessary evils to keep society running. However. What is even the point of Roblox Taxes? It’s not like our Robux goes towards upkeep of Roblox’s servers, paying staff, or anything else like that. Our Memberships do that. The taxes on Roblox are simply to keep our profits smaller.


You know, I’ve never understood the reasoning behind taxes on Roblox either. I understand it for NBC members, but for BC members and above, I think it’s pretty pointless. Then again, I’m pretty sure they make more from in-game transactions than their memberships. For instance, top devs pull in 2 million a year, while their membership is only 125 USD a year. :man_shrugging:


I realized the reasoning behind the taxes as I was writing this. Which is why my opinion changed so sharply near the end. :joy:


I want to amend that I think this is good idea now.

Badges are now only create-able with funds from whatever group is uploading them. This makes working with groups made for test servers extremely difficult to work with because you need to create group shirts and wait 3 days for pending sales before you can even upload a badge (away from the main server) to test, for example.