Add Funds To Group Without Tax


As a daily Roblox player and a user who tends to find themselves with a lot of robux it is currently impossible to add money or send money to your group or other groups without being taxed.

Here’s what I want… I want you to be able to add funds to your group directly if you own it. This way we can easily (without being taxed) put the money from our account in to our group. I find it absoluetly stupid that if we own the group the only way to put our money in is with %30 of it being robbed from us!

I also believe it’d be a very nice feature to be able to send money from one group to another. This way users who want to move robux around can do so very easily. I don’t think that this is needed but I do think it’ll help the communities or developers who own one or more groups who just want to keep the robux stored in a safe and global environment.

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I kind of agree, but then it’s effectively like you can give people money without being taxed, and I don’t know if that is a good thing or not.


This is the biggest issue, a 30% tax is annoying, but it shouldn’t effect you immensely. I would be fairly confident that this request won’t be put into action, as much as we would like for it to.


30% is definitely more than annoying, but there are several reasons behind the tax being there so I can understand it.


This would just allow exploiters an easy way to distribute black market robux without fees or pending sales.




@SummerEquinox @Lightlimn

The money you make in these groups are taxed. I’m not saying remove all taxes.

If someone buys a shirt that shirt is still taxed (same with things like gamepasses)

As of now you can still give people money without that being taxed, therefor that wouldn’t be changed with this new “method”




That’s not true at all! Regardless the money is still being hit with a 30% tax. If you make the money in your own personal account say from a game it’s still getting the 30% tax rate. If you then want to put this money into a group to say, pay out developers you get hit with a second 30% tax to buy the shirt to put it in the group. You’re essentially getting hit with two 30% taxes.


What is the use case? (To pay developers within a newly created group that doesn’t have an income yet?)

You can’t pay for ads/role-sets through group funds, you have to pay out of your main account to run them so why transfer your account’s Robux into a fund where the only thing to do is payout to people in the group?


If I’m getting taxed when I make the Robux, and I’m getting taxed when I pay someone for a service (the same way Group Payout allows us to do for free) I’m getting taxed twice. In fact, by the time they get their money, it will be less than half of the amount that I actually earned.

A 30% fee can be worked with. A 51% fee can not.


Then on top of both of those, when we cashout we get taxed IRL on that too :sweat:


I like this idea, but it probably doesn’t exist for a reason. I would much rather like the ability to pay other devs directly out of our own personal funds, but im sure that was brought up in the past and denied or something.

Group games don’t have this problem however because funds are automatically put into the group funds. But if you have a non-group game, well:

Say I wanted to give a dev who helped me out: 1,000 Robux.
I would have to buy a shirt in my group for 1,430 Robux.
To buy that shirt, players would have to spend up to 2,043 Robux in my non-group game.

Or to say it simpler, I make a gamepass for 2,043 Robux. A player buys it. In 3 days you have 1,430. Now you can buy the shirt to put 1,001 in group funds. You lose 1,042 Robux due to tax. That’s more than half of what you started with. You might think you lose 60% because two 30% tax’s but its actually 51%. But equally as annoying.

So an advantage of having a group game is not going through a second tax.
While the advantage of having a non-group game is being able to manage who can and can’t have access to your game’s source because with group games, currently those who have access to one game, has access to all games in the group.

Just one of the many reasons why we desperately need improvements to the group page as soon as possible since its one of the things devs depend on for a community on the site. (The other being Discord and Twitter. But we wouldn’t need Discord if the group page was improved.)


This sums it up pretty well.

I shouldn’t be taxed 51% in order to move my funds from one group to another. That is just mental.


Many games that were originally created by a single user and never switched over to a group game will have the single user cashout all the Robux, and pay their developer(s) in $.

The best way to get around needing this feature is to create groups for your games in the first place, and get an income into the group so that you already have group funds. If you have a game created, the easiest way to transfer Robux into your group is to run ads (using your account’s money) then with a monetized game Robux then goes into the group funds.

If the use case is to start up a group and you want to pay developers (in Robux) before the game is done, but you have Robux in your account you want to use, I have to ask why not pay developers in your account’s dev-exed $ instead?


I sold some valuable limited items and would like to invest those Roblox in development projects. I’d like to use them to pay some other people for work, but can’t without paying a significant extra amount in order to compensate for the second market fee. Obviously I can’t DevEx those Robux, so I can’t pay them in USD.


I hadn’t thought of that either. It sucks that in order to get funds in our group we technically need to be taxed 51%

I hope this is fixed soon- roblox is just being greedy at this point.


I don’t like how you’re unable to use your own funds for group game badges and the like.

I think this would be a good feature to have, and would fix a lot of issues relating to groups not being able to create things because they lack the necessary funds in their group, and would also make more sense because most startup groups are NOT making enough to pay developers, or make badges and or other items.

It’s silly that we have to be taxed another 30% to move 1,000 R$ into a group, technically making any profits you make from shirts, pants, or t-shirts, or your games on your profile page, being taxed at roughly 50-60% after you have transferred them into your group.And now with Roblox’s recent addition of adding in a timer for shirt and pants purchases (which I have no problem with), it makes it take longer to move funds into a group.



My current issue: My game isn’t a group game, so in order to get group funds I sell gamepasses from a group game in my normal game. Not a big deal besides the fact that it’s not neat, except I’ve ramped up my devleopment and am running out of funds soon. My workers mostly want robux, so my only solution once my workers outpace my group income is to eat that 30% cost by paying out of my account. That’s a lot of extra money just so I can continue to earn for roblox.