Add Guilded to the 3rd party website policyapi

As a Roblox developer and Guilded partner, it is interesting to see that Roblox has not added Guilded to the PolicyServiceAPI responsible for filtering 3rd party links.

Many developers use this policy to advertise their social media in-game through chats and many different UI. Having this API saves people the trouble of going through the roundabout way of telling people to go check the Social Links on the game’s page.

If Roblox is able to address this issue, it would encourage more developers to move to Guilded. As Roblox incentivizes developers and community owners more and more to check out Guilded, it would only make a lot of sense to allow developers to link their Guilded servers in game.


I was met with silence when I added this to another feature request about allowing Guilded to begin with, so thank you for making this feature request. I’m not sure how they missed coordinating an update to policy (and therefore PolicyService) when they moved to add Guilded as a Social Link.


Hi Koiske,
We’re aware of the issue, and we’re working with Guilded to update a few things before they can be whitelisted and added to the Policy API. We’ll post on DevForum once Guilded is available.


Has there been any updates on this?