Add Images, GIFs, Hyperlinks to Talent Hub!

As a Roblox developer, I think that the new Talent Hub holds some great possibility to streamline the hiring process for development studios and small teams. The Developer Forum was previously home for these sorts of collaborative posts. Discourse (the home of the devforum) allows a host of features when posting and creating replies that allow developers to share their work easily.

Some examples of work are not best displayed via text or roblox game links, therefore I propose the following:

I think it is important to include features: image and gif uploads, text-embedded hyperlinks, hide details, and text formatting.


The talent hub supports markdown so you can already embed images with links:

Tamika literally how did you notice that so fast


obviously not supported because i managed to break it already


That’s interesting. I attempted to run an anchor link with imgur hosting, and Chrome didn’t seem to like that. Time to give it another shot?

Make sure your link goes directly to the image and not just the webpage the image is on. Other than that, I don’t know what else might be wrong.

@metatablecatgirl Yeah, scaling out of bounds is a bug, you should report that

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I would hope that it would be easier to do this directly via copy and paste or image upload.

Hey! As @ChipioIndustries correctly brings up, the longer-form text fields do support limited Markdown for some formatting. This is not a long-term solution, as we do plan on adding native support for proper images and videos so that people with more visual portfolios can really show off their work.


Does this include job postings? I think it might help artists especially, to get visual imagery of the kind of art style expected for the job.

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The HTML for the website/formatting is stll very confusing! How are we supposed to open a portfolio? It’s why I’m using my website instead.

Hey, if you look at the main Talent Hub announcement, I’ve added a link to a site that outlines Markdown formatting for people who aren’t familiar with it. Additionally, on our todo list, we want to add the formatting buttons that you get on DevForum so that people can more easily format their content.


Well, those formatting buttons are highly needed for everything. Anytime now would be great. Thanks

How do I embed images via a URL? I’m used to uploading images as a file directly from my computer or clipboard so I’m a bit confused about that

Hey! We’ve recently rolled out an update that tells you how to do this - when editing a longer field on Talent Hub, you’ll notice a bit of text that leads you to down basic markdown formatting.


Would animators be able to embed gifs and videos as of now?

Hey peraldon, I appreciate the response!

I used a website called imgur to convert my photos to URL format. I then followed the instructions on and the results were like so:

I tried again with a space between the closing bracket and opening parentheses and it came up like this:

What am I doing incorrectly and what should I do instead?

You need a direct link to the image, use the following link instead:

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Ah perfect, that works! Thank you so much! :+1:

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