Unlock the #collaboration category

As a Roblox developer, it is currently too hard to reliably find work.

The closing of #collaboration has harmed not only myself but hundreds, if not thousands of other developers, and has slowed development in general, from large studios to individual developers.

#collaboration, while still housing scammers and ghosters, was still one of the best places I have used to find commissions. For reference, I updated my portfolio and within a day I had 3 messages from people wanting to hire me. And contrary to that, I have yet to receive a single message on the talent hub despite being there for months.

Some may say that the talent hub is an adequate replacement but this simply isn’t the case. I and many other developers can attest to the fact that the talent hub is objectively worse than #collaboration. Despite being in testing for months, and having hundreds of testers, the talent hub was released with a small character limit, no ability to embed images, no mobile support, and a terrible layout overall. Those are just a few of the problems and there are so many more that I’m not going to list, because this post would be much longer.

This post isn’t to reiterate what’s already been said. Rather, it’s to call on roblox to listen to us, which they have been reluctant to do.

If Roblox is able to address this issue, it would improve my, and many other developers’ experiences using the forum because we would be given a much more reliable place to find work and hire developers.

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You should post about these problems in #feature-requests:talent-hub-features .


While I think the TalentHub has room for improvement. No, #collaboration should not return, not in any long term sense.

I would rather suggest that people use #bug-reports:talent-hub-bugs and #feature-requests:talent-hub-features to suggest improvement. @peraldon has been pretty active in those sections of the forums responding to all the feedback provided.

For reference, your suggestions have been responded to already. Those being:

I am much rather of the position that some change needs to be made to the TalentHub before it can replace #collaboration where it is in a reasonable state although I disagree with the notion that Roblox isn’t listening to us on this.

Should you have any bugs, please report them via the standard channels such as #bug-reports:talent-hub-bugs and #feature-requests:talent-hub-features or Support - Roblox


Sadly, members can’t post feature requests, @Bug-Support won’t take them on

Collaboration should stay, it’s a useful resource and it’s just impossible to get hired on Talent Hub.

I wish Roblox would listen to the community instead of investors.


Support - Roblox exists for reporting both bugs and feedback.

I would suggest users to use that while providing feedback to DevRel regarding those permission issues, that feels out of scope for this thread.

You can see clearly on both bugs and features for the TalentHub that Roblox is taking in community feedback and responding.


I agree a lot with this, although its supposed to be easier to find work which it can be, for unverified developers its a living hell to try and find work, or for someone to hire me.

I remember when I made my portfolio I would getting daily messages asking for my services and it was easy.

But since I don’t want to share information like my real identity to roblox I’m stuck with no work. Which isn’t too bad since I am busy but some of my friends its all they do and they find it really hard if they wanna go anywhere

No he shouldn’t its requesting to open collaboration, hes not making any requests for the talent hub.

I agree with this, at least til the Talent hub has a healthy system that satifies everyone it should be opened so small unverified or just devs in general can find work.


The problem is something on Talent Hub, re-opening collaboration is just a proposed solution for the problems on Talent Hub. Feature requests should be about problems, not proposed solutions.


I can’t, members don’t have access.

I wasn’t trying to point out a problem with the talent hub, but I was trying to address the common counterargument. If I had cut that paragraph out it would be more clear but lack context as to why I’m requesting this. The solution is easy enough, anyways- just unlock a category. Stating a problem and no solution in this category is not just silly but will also lead to a solution which is improper for the problem.

Sorry for any misconceptions.

Not necessarily – unlocking Collaboration is actually the wrong solution here. Users often don’t know the best solution to their problem. Talent Hub is specifically for collaboration and the forum was just a makeshift solution.

The best solution is for Talent Hub to have those issues resolved (higher/no char limit, image support, etc). They’re already working on all of these things btw.

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If the #collaboration category was a makeshift solution, then you’d expect the talent hub to be outstanding. However, it wasn’t- they had months of testing with hundreds of testers and still couldn’t add any of the aforementioned features on the release date, which they should’ve.

I understand that users may not know what is the best for them but roblox definitely doesn’t know better than we do in this regard. You can ask any active developer on the forum how collaboration closing has affected them and they’d likely say that it had hurt them, myself included.

Another issue I have is that you have to be ID verified if you want your post to make it to the front page of job listings, I’m not too sure about others but I’m not exactly comfortable showing my passport/ID just to try and recruit developers, which I could already do before the closure of the #collaboration. This has made my life a bit harder as a lot of features have been restricted for people who aren’t ID verified.


Exactly. I’m not opposed to the Talent Hub but until some of the glaringly obvious problems are fixed then #collaboration should be reopened.

Yes. But until those issues are resolved, #collaboration should be reopened.


This not only sounds like a you problem, but a significant majority of the features you’re complaining about not existing actually DO exist, and HAVE existed for a very long time now.

Have you considered that nobody on the talent hub wants to hire you because not only have you not listed yourself as available to hire (for job invites), but you also have an extremely empty profile with next to nothing to show when you apply to jobs?

The talent hub isn’t a free advertising hub like the cesspit that #collaboration was, now it’s a proper professional job hunting page where people apply for jobs. The job invite feature is merely a bonus (which more often than not isn’t used, because people hate on the talent hub without looking at it for a second simply because “change bad”)


Admittedly I haven’t looked at the talent hub for a while now but that’s likely because I managed to find a long term job. What I don’t think they should’ve done is just lock #collaboration, because many people used to rely on it and haven’t been able to take commissions, despite their best efforts to do so (Take CrazedBrick1 and Thulicore).

Say what you will about talent hub, but it’s very different than #collaboration, and not only has just moving to the talent hub so quickly been difficult, but also advertising your work has also become much more difficult. On the portfolios subcategory, people would put what they were specifically good at (EX: Experienced low-mid poly weapons modeler) in the title of their post, whereas on the talent hub you can only state your profession and interest using tags. The portfolio section allowed a lot more customization, and allowed people to be specific about what they did, making a much more efficient process.

The majority of the features that I mentioned were ones which were not included on its release, and I was mentioning them to point out the (negative) impact its release had on the community when coupled with #collaboration 's closing. I am sorry for any confusion there.

While I like the idea of the talent hub, and appreciate the efforts of those working to make it better, there’s a lot of room for improvement and until it’s improved #collaboration should be opened. People aren’t complaining about the talent hub because “change bad,” but they are doing so because it’s harmed their ability to find work and put their work out where people will see it.

Sorry for any misconceptions.


I agree. It’s extremely hard to find work on the Talent Hub. I’ve applied to about 20 jobs since the Talent Hub has opened (out of ~40 jobs posted, which is, not a lot), and in all of them, I’ve either been ghosted or just ignored entirely. The only two pieces of work (both part-time) that I have right now have been from the HiddenDevs server. Additionally, after updating my portfolio for the HiddenDevs server and mentioning that, I got 5 or so commissions. Gotten zero people reach out to me on the Talent Hub.