Add In Property SpawnLocation.DisableRoofBump

Currently, as a Roblox developer, you are limited to spawn points only being placed in the open or in large rooms. This property would basically disable a SpawnLocation’s current behavior of “bumping” the player onto a roof of a building if the spawn location is covered or the ceiling is too low.

This would make it much easier on developers to quickly develop a map and wouldn’t involve having to write custom spawning logic to get around this behavior (as that defeats the purpose of a SpawnLocation.)


A+ suggestion–I’m tired of having to design my map around spawn locations. Although I’d recommend that the property name be SpawnLocation.SafePositioning to match the terminology used here. That thread is also a good indicator of the desire for the removal (or, at least, control) of this behavior in general.


Well, that doesn’t really tell the developer what the property does, perse. They’d only know what it does when they go to the wiki developer website, or when they fumble with Studio for a bit before realizing it on their own.

I think DisableRoofBump or something like DisableSpawnBump would be better.

But yes, in general, this feature should be implemented. I don’t like having to be limited to large maps simply because the spawn bump is a little over sensitive.

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