Add like, dislike, favorite, and follow buttons to in-game pause menu

As a Roblox developer, it is currently too hard to like, dislike, follow, or favorite a game while playing it. If you join a game directly from the popup that shows when you hover over a player in your friends list, you never see these buttons either. A good solution to this would be to add the like, dislike, favorite, and follow buttons directly to the in-game Roblox menu. The like and dislike buttons would only be shown to users who can rate games (those with an email address).


This also has the possibility to make game ratings more accurate, as players are reminded to like or dislike a game more often, and would give players who join from the friend popup rather than the game’s page a chance to rate the game.

Players who join from one of these buttons don’t get the chance to rate the game:


If Roblox is able to address this issue, it would improve my development experience because it would be easier to like, dislike, follow or favorite a game from inside of a game, and might indirectly make game ratings more accurate.

EDIT: from @LucasTutoriaisSaimo:

It might be a part of the new menu on the Windows app beta.