Add more ways to discover new content to the "Discover" page

Currently, the “Discover” page only has one game sort, out of eighteen (1/18) that uses AI recommendation software to match player’s past activity to new experiences.
To be clear, what I mean by 1/18 sorts is the “Recommended For You” sort

Without this sort, it is unclear if discovery would be an accurate term to title this page. As what kind of discovery would it be if everyone “discovered” the same exact games or experiences as everyone else within the one size fits all sorts (ie, most engaging, popular, top rated, learn and explore, featured, etc). Could we agree, the more difference in experiences shown on the discover page depending on the user’s previous sessions, the more aptly termed the discover page is?

More sorts like the Recommended For You, would be great for improving personalized discovery. The following paragraphs are in my opinion the best case scenario. See bottom paragraph for official feature request. There should exist a series of sorts grouping together different genres the user has experienced and enjoyed (via metrics). ie) If a player has played previous examples of these, show more.

In this example, create 3 new sorts and have them update daily to a user’s current preferences:

User 1) Showcases, Music Concerts, Town and City.
User 2) First Person Shooters, Clan Roleplay, Real Life Maps.
User 3) Tsuanmi Survival, Natural Disasters, Build to Survive.

please note these are examples with genres chosen by my own biases in what I think someone might be interested in if they are interested in the other names within
These are not recommendations to add sorts named this to everyone’s discover page

Within these sorts showcase the experiences within said game sorts that match highly with what players looking for that type of experience, enjoy most. This would ideally be done by AI constantly working on daily sorts for players so they are always shown something new that covers their interests.

This feature request is to enable users to discover the plethora of experiences on Roblox that would most likely interest them. Whether this is done via more AI game sorts, bringing genres back, or making an entirely new user generated tag system, more discovery should be worked on after the newly renamed Discover page made its debut.


I think this is a bigger issue all together. There’s no genre system in a place where genre’s would actually count. It’s impossible to search for games without it coming to a sort. I can no longer search by genre. I still maintain that removing genres was one of the most misguided and straight up delusional calls Roblox has ever made. It’s stuff like this that really shows.

tl;dr - Genres allow you to search by genre instead of getting random sorts. Random sorts are bad and most of the sorts are totally useless & cause clutter. Searching for a game (newer ones) are much harder for no reason.