New Game Sort: "Recommended For You"

Hey Developers!

Some of you have given us feedback that your games do not get sufficient impressions unless they are already popular and that means you have to rely on ads to get initial viewership.

We have been hard at work to improve this and we’re happy to announce that we’ve launched a new “Recommended For You” sort on home and game page!

The “Recommended For You” sort will showcase personalized recommendations based off of games a player is interested. This will result in a wider variety of games getting prominent impressions and user engagement and will help your games find the right audience!

This is a first step towards greater personalized game discovery and expect more to come. As always please leave your feedback; it helps us make the product better for everyone :star_struck:

Thank you!


Games… recommended… just for me? :pleading_face:

This is awesome, I’m going to check out the games in my Recommended For You sort and count how many hours I inadvertently sink into them!


A whole list of games, just for you :relaxed:


coefficients can have a little list of games… as a treat… :pleading_face:


You’ve earned it, champ :relaxed:


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Yes thank you finally.

Pizza tycoon has been on my recommend for the last 5 years.

Finally it’ll actually show games that im interested in lol.


ooh nice

This basically fulfills all the feature requests on #platform-feedback:website-features regarding game sorts!


Did my feature request just get accepted? Roblox Should Add a "Discovery" Sort on the Games Page

Roblox you did a good thing! Now I just need to wait and let the money roll in… except, I didn’t make a game yet. Gotta start now before this system gets hacked.


This is real neat, and I’m all for game discovery upgrades, but why are my results basically identical to the Popular sort even when I don’t play any games like these? How does the algorithm work to result in stuff like this?


Really cool!!

Are any other parameters taken into account?
Things like location, localization, age, etc.

Example: Games played by older users are recommended to other older users


This is a great update to the Roblox website! It’s nice to see what we play and like with many games out there just to combine them with the genre and stuff, kind of neat it is now out.

A question that I have is the type of games that are cloned or rip-off of most popular games, since I saw this game that is a copy of Natural Diaster Survival, would those be taken care of in the future?

Anyway, thank you Roblox!


It doesn’t really seem that accurate

It could do some work, though I appreciate the effort to improve game-discovery.


Nice, but how does it work? Does it base recommendations off games others have played, games your friends have played, similar genres to game’s you’ve played, or similar developers?

Does it use personal information like where you live, your age, what language you speak, etc?

Does it use AI? It would be nice if it were more transparent. :thinking: We know that it will be personalized, but based on what?

Extra Info

Woot Woot!

Woah!!! This will be awesome for discovery! Thanks for adding this! I do have some questions, though, as this post did not explain a lot.

First of, I’d like to say that it’s really nice that players on Roblox can find games that they’ll like rather than what everyone else likes. I’ve had to play the same games over and over again because I haven’t been able to find any games good enough. That may change with this update.

It’s been long awaited. :smiley:

More Extra Info

Additionally, If you’re taking personal data, is that really allowed? COPPA restricts your ability to do so. Youtube used to collect PI of children and got in trouble.

How does the algorithm work?

There should be a statistic that tells you if your game has been recommended, and how many times it has been. That could be useful to developers.

Other things to add could even include:

  • Something to keep track of games, rather than just “favorites,” like an organizational system.
  • A way to tell the algorithm you don’t like what you just saw. That could be useful. It could take in account likes and dislikes.
  • More ways to rate a game other than “I like” and “I dislike.” It could be based on gameplay, graphics, compatibility, etc.
  • Make sure a game doesn’t appear twice.
  • Specific sorts for recommended. Things like horror, obby, FPS, etc. That would be epic.

This way the recommended tab would be even more personalized.
Is this also related to the new recommended sort of the catalog in any way?

On another note,

At the moment, many are also complaining that they’re being recommended games they’ll never plan on playing.

How will you make sure there’s quality games in the selection? There’s been recommendations for others that have turned out to be low-quality games. For me, I’ve gotten recommendations that may fit my fancy, but many still do not.

Let’s look at mine:

Nice start, I don’t see any games that would be on the “popular” selection.

Bloxxer Island: Interesting. Not to sure what it is, though. :x:
Witching Hour: God I love plates of fate, good recommendation. :white_check_mark:
Don’t Touch: I love Sharkbyte studios. This one looks fun, I’ll check it out! :white_check_mark:
Notoriety: FPS is alright for me, but probably not going to check out. :x:
[DEVIOUS] Survive the Killer!: I don’t like horror games. :x:
Roblox’s Got Talent: If this is similar to the dancing game, and is an opinionated game, then no. :x:
EM’s Difficult Chart Obby: I don’t like obbies. :x:
THE DIFFICULTY CHART OBBY: I don’t like obbies. :x:

Airport Tycoon: I don’t like tycoons. :x:
Possessed 1.1.1 ALPHA: I don’t like horror games. :x:
Ace Attorney: Roelplay… but I haven’t played the game so probably not. :x:
Horrific Housing: PLATES OF FATE! Of course I’ll check out. :white_check_mark:
Gertude and Pukan [JAIBREAK]: I don’t like horror games. :x:
Obby Island: I don’t like obbies. :x:
Club DJ: No gameplay tho :frowning: :x:
Mega Easy Obby 500 Stages!: No. :x:

Ok, the reason why I got recommended so many horror games and obbies is because I do play them, even though I don’t like them. So you could say this is more accurate than it is.

Looks to be sort of accurate. Everyone else’s recommendations are different, and I’m not sure if theirs fir their taste, but some have, for me.

Even through all the criticism, though, I think it’s still a excellent update.

Great change regardless. :slight_smile:
I’ve edited this post to be easier to read.


Woah!?! A recommended tab?
That’s pretty cool man, whoever came up with this, I want to pat them on the back.
I hope this makes up for top rated being down.


I appreciate the change a lot, especially for some reason the algorithm seems to be favouring one of the games I worked on and we are now getting triple player counts which is cool :eyes:

However as I side effect of this change I have noticed ‘favourite games’ has moved to the bottom of the page, a change i’m not a fan of since I use this sort to track the player counts on my games without having to do a lot of menuing, I would prefer if favourites was third on the list, then at least its relatively close to the top

In terms of the accuracy of the sort its alright, but could be better, here is what I was recommended:

Tower battles, I most likely wouldn’t play but I play some tower defence simulator so I know wy I was recommended it
Death zone doesn’t look like the sort of game I would play
Quarantine seems interesting, I think that was a good recommendation.
The facility game, not interested at all. Don’t know why I was recommended it
Family paradise… lol, ye, not my cup of tea.
Notoriety, thats actually a really Nice suggestion, been recommended it by a lot of friends so glad the sort picked it up.

Would be nice to know a bit more about how the algorithm behind it works.


This is great news for developers that doesn’t have enough funds into spending on ads/sponsoring! Well done!!

Quick question: If the player plays a game that got recommended in that page, can games that technically advertises it on the site be on that category?


Amazing! Now it will be much easier to find great games :grin:!
Great update!
And easier for developers to get players to try their game with less advertising!


Thanks for this sort. However, it dosen’t seem too personalized to me. I don’t play simulators or role play games but this is pretty much what this list is made of.

Hopefully personalization could improve in the future or this problem is just me.