Add newer APM music


As a Roblox developer, I have noticed that newer tracks from APM Music are missing from Roblox’s library. If Roblox can upload newer/more APM Music tracks, it would remove the issue of looking for tracks on the APM Music catalog and not finding them in Roblox’s library.

I first came across this issue when I was looking for music on the APM Music catalog. When I looked for the songs on Roblox, some of the songs don’t show up. This was confusing because I had thought that all of APM Music should’ve been on Roblox. I noticed that the songs that didn’t show up were more recent than the rest. This is when I figured that the Roblox library wasn’t up-to-date.

As an example of missing songs, the album “THIS IS DEEP HOUSE 2” is relatively recent, and I couldn’t find it on the Roblox library. The albums that showed up included “THIS IS DEEP HOUSE (1)”, but it was not what I was looking for.

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