Many APM tracks from already licensed libraries not uploaded

Many of the APM tracks that i’ve looked for under libraries that roblox has license to are not uploaded to the site, or only have some variations of the song uploaded. For example, I’ll be looking for a specific music track and the only version of it uploaded is a 20 second version. Uploading all of the tracks from licensed libraries or giving us confirmation that we can upload missing song variants (such as the full length version of an APM song which only has the 20 second version uploaded by roblox) ourself to the site would be great.


Thanks for the feedback! This is something we are actively looking into :slight_smile:


Is there any new information you could provide us about getting missing tracks from albums uploaded? Roblox’s last updated public audio asset was 8 months ago and Licensed Music has been available to developers for 2 years. It would be great for selection’s sake to have more options to choose from so we can pick out better fitting versions of tracks.

While you’re at that, could you also look into extending the license to include newly uploaded APM tracks? There are many options currently on the site that are not available to developers meaning that we need to procure our own licenses or composers which aren’t cheap, putting aside all the legal jargon and paraphernalia that we need to understand when undertaking either for our projects.