Add newer APM music

As a Roblox developer, I have noticed that newer tracks from APM Music are missing from Roblox’s library. If Roblox can upload newer/more APM Music tracks, it would remove the issue of looking for tracks on the APM Music catalog and not finding them in Roblox’s library.

I first came across this issue when I was looking for music on the APM Music catalog. When I looked for the songs on Roblox, some of the songs don’t show up. This was confusing because I had thought that all of APM Music should’ve been on Roblox. I noticed that the songs that didn’t show up were more recent than the rest. This is when I figured that the Roblox library wasn’t up-to-date.

As an example of missing songs, the album “THIS IS DEEP HOUSE 2” is relatively recent, and I couldn’t find it on the Roblox library. The albums that showed up included “THIS IS DEEP HOUSE (1)”, but it was not what I was looking for.


I don’t know if this will ever be considered as an option, but personally I would love it if Roblox were able to bring more libraries on board. I have found a plethora of newer albums and tracks from libraries that would be awesome to have. When I search them on Roblox though, a lot of them don’t exist.

While signing my own agreement with APM Music is an available option, it’s very difficult for non-established developers including myself to actually get a hold of that license. Registering is an application process that requires affiliation with a company. Some developers don’t have either the monetary coverage nor the appropriate requirements to even think about registry.

Having Roblox serve as a licensor medium and having tracks available to us developers was a really great option for those unable to acquire music themselves and I would be overjoyed to have more support for newer tracks. Right now, I sport a 50-50 chance for an audio being uploaded to Roblox that fits my game’s theme perfectly and I have no means to acquire it if it’s not available.

Don’t get me wrong. The current library is very expansive and there’s a lot of good audio that can be dug out of it. There are however some tracks that I would explicitly like available which are not and that brings down my options as well as how I need to retailor my game to fit the newly selected track.


As a Roblox developer, having more access to APM libraries would be greatly beneficial. I can save on financial resources that I may not have to expend on projects, get access to tracks with licensing already covered for me and I can create more thematic experiences.

Do we have any word on whether or not Roblox intends to expand the APM library? I would really appreciate it, as I’ve found a lot of good tracks that would fit my specific needs but they do not exist on Roblox and I am currently unable to procure my own license - it’d be better if Roblox did that anyway.

Finding tracks in the library is hard when the options to search with are limited. Crazyman32’s RbxMusic plugin has been very helpful in the process, but I wouldn’t say it’s a complete searching experience and I can’t always find the tracks I want (looking for more solemn moods, mostly finding upbeat tracks).

I am aware that around 3 months ago, staff responded to another APM-related feature request. Said request was regarding the fact that Roblox had not fully uploaded all tracks and variants for libraries that they already have licensed. You can check that out here:

I would love it if we could get additional tracks licensed as we start moving forward with pushing forward new experiences for the Roblox platform and to cater to different audiences, including more mature audiences (darker or more serious themes). Example I stumbled across is Dark Reflective Drama from Nightingale Music (NIGHT). There’s a couple there I want to use, but can’t. It’s sad when I find a fitting track for my project from the APM site but it does not exist on Roblox.

Roblox has recently entered a partnership with Monstercat to bring more music to the table for developer use and I greatly appreciate that, however Monstercat’s music does not cover every use case. APM Music expands out to all kinds of use cases, so I’d like the license to be revisited to expand our access to resources even more.


As a Roblox developer, I’m struggling to find APM music for my games. I typically use the search feature on, as it is far superior to the search feature on However, upon finding a nice track, very often the track is missing from the Roblox library.

It seems like all APM music released on the site after mid-2018 is missing from Roblox. I’m not sure whether Roblox has a license to use this, however, if they do, it would be very beneficial if newer APM music could be uploaded.


I’ve just noticed a few new uploads, so looks like Roblox is finally getting around to doing this. Unfortunately as of right now the ability to filter by certain metrics (including creation date) has been removed so it’s not possible to peek at all the new tracks in a comfortable manner without a bot that provides updates on newly uploaded Roblox-owned assets, but this is good news! :slight_smile:

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