Add package management API for plugins

Use Case
I have a project with a decentralized service-oriented architecture (hundreds of controllers responsible for individual features), and I would like to create a package manager plugin that allows me to configure which controllers/libraries (packages) are available to specific developers in different places so that they each have those parts of the project they are working on. Similar to visual studio installer. Currently, there is no package related API.

Requested Functionality

  1. Plugin access to package Status property
    • Allows detecting when a package selected for removal might have unsaved changes
    • Allows showing packages that have available updates in the manager.
  2. Plugin APIs for inserting a package with the PackageLink (at a specific version), undoing changes, updating packages, and publishing new packages or versions

I would love to have this, I have been thinking of making my own custom plugin manager because of the same problems you have