Add ParticleEmitter properties to Guis

Hey everyone! :slight_smile:

The ParticleEmitters are a great feature for most of the things regarding particles.
However at some points, we may need to make use of Billboard-, Screen- or SurfaceGuis.
But unfortunately those guis don’t have things like LightEmission, or other really handy properties like ParticleEmitters do.

It’d be really nice if guis had similar or the same properties as ParticleEmitters, so that we can improvise a lot better when ParticleEmitters can’t do the job.

Usage examples:

  • Fire made of spritesheets in a BillboardGui;
  • An orb of fire in a BillboardGui that you launch; (This could eventually be combined with ParticleEmitters ;))
    And lots more!

What are yoiur opinions on this? :smiley:


idk how this would be archived but i agree (:wink:

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I don’t think this is the right approach, it would be better if ParticleEmitter had a way to create animated and spritesheeted particles instead.

I suggested the ImageRectSize/Offset part here:

(I brought up the animation part off-forum to staff members)


I think we need a generic image datatype that can be applied to any image-based object.
It would have all necessary image features.


That’s a great idea! :slight_smile:

That idea is also good.

Doesn’t matter to me honestly. As long as those features are available :smiley: It’d be really useful!

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