Add pin code requirement to trade/sell items

So about a month ago my account was compromised. Lost 7mil + value. Luckily for me the absolute chads that are ROBLOX restored everything that was stolen. Thank you restore team.

It seems like I got cookie hacked, is what people tell me. I still don’t know exactly what did it, all I know is moments before this happened. I was in a video chat teaching someone how to script something. So I assume it happened there, not sure entirely what I did or revealed to this day. When I check the logs of items being stolen, it all happened moments after initiating this discord video chat. Even now I can’t believe it’s this easy. I didn’t reveal one bit of data regarding my account to my knowledge. Somehow they gained access long enough to steal all my limiteds.

But my suggestion is, can pin code be an option that is required to sell/trade/buy/delete limited items?

So even if this happens, the hacker would have to also additionally know the pin code to gain access to do malicious things. Thanks.


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