Add plane drag handles to move tool

This is a pretty simple ask. Add planar-dragging to the move tool instead of only axis-dragging. Currently, if I want to move an object 3 studs to the left and 2 studs up, I have to click twice. With planar dragging, I would only have to click once.

Right now our Move Tool looks like this:

It should look like this:


Almost every other major development platform that works with a 3 dimensional workspace uses this standard for moving objects. I believe taking the small amount of time to implement this feature could significantly speed up workflow and reduce headache when moving objects.

Question: how many times do you think the Move Tool Handles get selected per day? However many that number is across the hundreds of thousands of Developers on the Roblox platform, we could half it with this simple feature. :slightly_smiling_face:


Isn’t our equivalent of those squares being able to click and drag the model, without using the handles? I’ve never done a 2D drag with 2 handles before. It’s always been by clicking and dragging the model


Is there a way to lock the Click & Drag to just one plane without collision? Dragging a model always incurs collisions and casts onto other objects.


While dragging IS useful for quickly moving an object onto another object or just a generalized location, it really doesn’t cut it when you need precise distances and you care about the orientation remaining the same.

Please correct me if there is functionality to support this.


The Transform tool has been my go-to for this purpose and I have always hated it.
It feels so much more clunky and awkward when all I’m trying to do is slide something around on the floor or ceiling heedless of collision, which is happening extremely often lately since I’m building a map with lots of intersecting foliage on surfaces. The move tool is much more simple and straight forward for what I’m trying to do, but it’s a pain to work with because it takes two precise handles to move something.

This has been on my list of things to write threads for for a couple of months.


This is still a highly desirable feature which I believe would make my workflow far superior on a daily basis. I would quite literally use this feature once at least every minute throughout my 8 hour work day.

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