Add PluginActions to all BuiltInPlugins

As a Roblox Developer, it is currently impossible to set a keybind to many of the BuiltInPlugin features, such as the Terrain Tools. I am requesting the addition of optional PluginActions for all elements included in BuiltInPlugins as to allow Developers granular control over their workflow.

See the following post for a more detailed explanation of why optional keybinds for everything are essential for a professional development environment:

Please also see this Feature Request, which I believe goes hand in hand with this post:


This feature request is highly underrated for the advantage it would bring.

For those unaware what plugin actions are, they let you create custom keyboard shortcuts for stuff.


The new Smooth Terrain tools still don’t have adequate keybind support so I am reviving this request.

We have this entire menu dedicated to managing keybinds and yet half of our tools either A: don’t have keybinds or B: do not have their keybinds listed in this menu.

Where is the quality control? Consistency? Common decency?

Did you know that there is an optional keybind for SMOKE?

Yes, that’s right, there’s a keybind for smoke. This relic from the past has better support than one of the most important toolsets in Studio, Terrain.