Terrain Cylinders, Perfect Flatness, and a Fresh New Look

WHOOOOOOO! New terrain UI/features are AMAZING! I am definitely going to use more of this. Also can you make cylinders parts/models or are they still terrain?

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Wow. Playing with these tools tonight and they’re really really great. The results are so much more natural.

I do wish for larger brush sizes, especially with the cylinder. Plugins allow us to place larger chunks at a time, I don’t see why it can’t be offered in the terrain tool. Just 20% on these upper limits would be a massive help.


The new Terrain Editor panel doesn’t seem to remember where to go in Studio. I keep finding it placing itself above my Explorer and Properties. I typically put Terrain off to the right of those. I have both shown below. The 2nd image is how I set it up each time.


These new tools are really useful! I can see alot of terrain people using this! Cylinder terrain is my favorite because it speeds up the building of buildings very fast and it still gives a amazing shape imo

also cant wait for terrain vegatation!

hmm did u try rearanging the terrain pannel again?


I believe he meant that he did, but that it didn’t save when he closed and re-opened studio.


I agree, this may be a bug, I would recommend you just re-arrange it everytime until this gets fixed. Hope it helped. This is all what I can do.


The panel stayed there until I upgraded the terrain editor in Beta features.


Yes, i had the exact same issue that you described.


I can confirm that the undo in Studio isn’t undoing very much terrain. Seems to only go a few steps back.


I can’t wait until this gets fixed as it’ll improve my terrain workflow by miles, but is unfortunately really unusable on my place. I have a pretty good amount of terrain in my place and I face the following issues:

  • Lag when selecting and deselecting different modes
  • Lag when trying to use a majority of the different modes
  • Modes/brushes tend to remain active after closing the terrain editor and/or using another studio tool
  • Lag when interacting with the plugin menu

I’ve tested it out in a blank place with some generated terrain, and it works fairly well, but when trying it on a roughly 8192x8192 map with some parts, it has serious issues.


In its current state the new Terrain Tools crash Studio as soon as I attempt to select them in my team create. We have a 4kx4k map of Smooth Terrain and a very large number of primitives. We also experienced lag when using the tool in other smaller place files.


Finally! I love seeing new updates on the terrain. My son loves building different terrains but it seems so limited for what both he and I are hoping to do. Getting nice flat terrain is going to be perfect for the roads and train tracks we have been working on. I wish there was a good way to get it on a more level ground with other terrain area though.

Also any update on a “fill terrain” tool or vegetation?

And one last thing, any info on generating depth below the initial baseplate instead of only above?


Question: with the new flattening tools, is this only going to be available for flattening to the grounded terrain with a horizontal grid? I would love to see it be able to be used on a vertical and angled grid for when I am working on cave walls, underwater caverns, inside volcanoes, arches, etc.


It seems to me that this is a very important implementation Since sometimes it is difficult for us and we waste a little time focusing on everything to work perfectly

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The new terrain tools are generally laggy. So much so that I’d think the entire terrain was being cached to “speed” up the process…

The SelectionPart likes to stick around after you’ve saved your game.

The smooth tool is still broken, it’s also missing a “Ignore Water” option. (Its really important as focusing on any type of coast is currently impossible) The new flatten functionality is great, though I’m pretty amazed that got an option to ignore water but the smooth tool still doesn’t.

The new generation options are purrfect and probably the best part of the update IMO. The fresh look is okay, but because of the performance issues… I can’t agree currently. All in all it’s been 2671 hours since you guys worked on and added a new terrain plugin that has a new look, new issues, old issues, and generally just doesn’t work.

I appreciate the time you spent on it, but currently it would take me 2671 hours just to build the coast to some nice island… and I still would have to find a way to smooth the slope between the bottom of my ocean and the coast of any landmass. There’s currently no way to achieve that. I’m stoked, but disappointed. Thrilled, but depressed. Interested… but turned away.

Could we get some tools that work?

As the previous post said, I am also experiencing insane lag to the point where they aren’t usable. Every button, slider, toggle and brush that is interacted with yields a 3-10 second studio freeze. This mainly happens with the sculpting tools, almost acts as if something is being loaded or cached whenever its clicked.


It would be really nice to be able to make the terrain a plain color at least that’d really help low poly Maps and Worlds is this a feature we’re going to be seeing any time soon?

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User Experience Feedback for the new Smooth Terrain Tools

Please, please please please, add keybinds or toggles for a speed-focused workflow. Consider that every single time I want to add new terrain while sculpting, I have to move my mouse to the menu, click Build, then click Add, then click a material, then return my mouse back to the center screen.

Consider keybinds for tools, a toggle for certain functionality (such as merging Grow/Erode into one tool with a modifier key to swap between the two), or even a Radial Menu for the fastest workflow possible.

As a developer who spends several hours a day working with Smooth Terrain, making simple changes that prioritize speed over a pretty menu could potentially save me up to 30 minutes of my life per day and a future filled with carpal tunnel.

I actually still use the original Terrain Tools because the menu is closer to the center of my screen, not requiring me to draw my attention away and look at a Widget menu.


I made a quick concept menu of what the Smooth Terrain tool could look like if it wasn’t a widget. My point here is that the Smooth Terrain tool is something which creators like me rely on every day, multiple hours per day. I believe that the experience should be designed for speed and workflow first above all else.


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