Add ProximityPrompt.CollisionGroup to improve ProximityPrompt.RequiresLineOfSight

Currently ProximityPrompts do not have any sort of support for collision groups; this is extremely inconvenient since it makes something simple like picking up an item located under a ragdoll (or any object that you would want to collide with the world but not the player) impossible without creating a custom proximity prompt solution.

Another simple thing made extremely difficult with prompts is having a physical weapon drop (made up of multiple parts/meshes) have accurate collisions with the world while having a prompt inside of it.

The current built in way to get around a situation like this is to disable “RequiresLineOfSight”, but this allows for items to be interacted with through walls and other objects which may be unwanted.

Being able to specify a collision group for a prompt would solve all of these issues (like you can with Raycasts).


Either this, or have the ProximityPrompt respect the CollisionGroup of the Instance it’s under.