Add racial slurs to the forum filter

Why is this not already a feature if we censor words that are not even close to as bad like “re***d”? Sure people would find a bypass, but I’d rather see “s,…1,…u,…r,…” than just straight up “slur”. And sure moderation gets to it quickly, but let’s kill the problem at the root rather than waiting for it to happen. There’s also 0 reason that this would be protected under “swearing is allowed in private categories”.

If this is already a feature, I suggest it be upgraded, potentially with community input through some sort of form, if you can just tack on the letter “s” to the end and it gets through. The one that I saw most recently was not the first one of these that I’ve seen either.

Either this or we move back onto this feature request? → Make DevForum acceptance manual

I’m not sure what else to add because I think this request pretty much speaks for itself.


Someone just spammed a racial slur in a recent post, so I agree with this request.

EDIT: They are spamming it in several posts right now.


It seems they’ve since been banned from both the forum and Roblox. Good job to whoever acted so quickly.


I would personally say that the moderation for the forum is super fast compared to regular Roblox.


I’m certainly in favour of this, but I highly doubt it would effectively prevent the issue of hacked accounts (or alts) on a mission to get suspended. People would just turn to spamming the forum with inappropriate images which has already happened plenty of times before.

It would be great if Roblox could find a long-term solution for stuff like this. Although DET work very quickly when removing such content, it would be nice if it didn’t make its way on the forum in the first place.

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I also saw somewhere that there is a filter that only censors very strong words and replaces them with squares but the one that I just saw should definitely be on that filter.

Users who use the forum are supposed to be mature enough to never use those words, so I don’t think Forum engineer’s should waste their time doing this. People who use those slurs are ussually banned quickly.


I see no point for this. There’s only 2 times people will say racial slurs on here:

  1. In a mature civilised discussion which needs the use of it as an example
    Or 2) They’re just here to troll, in which case they’ll just do everything they can to bypass the filter anyway, thus defeating its purpose.

We don’t have any swear filters on the forum because it’s 13+ (PG by movie/game standards) and supposed to be a mature/professional place. By the age of 13 I’m sure that nearly everyone would know that swearing a lot doesn’t look good, or will quickly learn it.


I don’t see why not improve the slur filter, it’s better for everyone.

Let’s not. You very likely woudn’t be here if DevForum acceptance was manual.


Dude I’m pretty sure that racial slurs are not allowed.

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The DevForum staff are extremely fast, like they will take down a post within at least 10-18 minutes.


The DevForum is open to everyone, regardless of race, skin color, ethnicity, gender, disability, religion, sexual orientation, origin, and any other differences we all have. Whenever someone sees an offensive post, it is extremely offensive and hurtful to the groups of people these posts are targeted at. We need to make sure these things don’t happen to make sure everyone is included in the DevForum community.

Now I understand that these events happen very rarely, but any new developers could be deterred from the DevForum because of posts like this, think about the thousands of new developers that join our community every week.

The person @BaconHairFabFur was talking about got permanently suspended and had their offensive posts deleted within twenty minutes, but many people saw those posts, including me, and it is not acceptable in this community. It is better to prevent the problem in the first place than suspend people who had already caused the problem.


By the partially blocked text, I’m guessing that is the no-no word, did they bypass it? I swear the DevForums had a mild filter in place already

I thought they did too, but that person either bypassed it by using other characters or that word wasn’t filtered in the first place.

The person probably bypassed it but when I saw the post, it didn’t look like it, so they probably used special characters. The posts were only up for twenty minutes before the moderators came in and deleted them.


Thankfully, engineers won’t have to waste their time. Discourse provides a built-in filter which allows you to add as many words as you want. If you post a reply/topic wity any of these words, you’ll automatically be notified and asked to remove them. Do you remember the character minimum bypasses? This is how they were censored.

The only con is that users are notified before posting so they’re indirectly encouraged to use bypasses.

I’d also like to remind you that person that wanted their account on Roblox deleted spammed stuff across Development Discussion. Staff did not react quickly (as usually, based on your claims).


I think this is only a small percentage of the dev forum community, and that small percentage usually just get banned in the end, but I guess this feature would be okay to have

I actually agree with this, let’s not use the justification that “DET will take it down anyway”. I would actually not like to see these at all, imagine how offensive the word is to someone who’s a part of the group of people who the word is being targetted towards.

Though no filter is perfect, there are many great alternative features forum users have suggested to attenuate such behavior. I’m still in favor of making the forum more difficult to get into


I agree with the more difficult to access part, but I’m not sure how to feel about a censoring system, we all know that whoever posts that with malicious intent is just looking for a punishment, the forum is composed of users that are 13+ only, your first reaction should be flagging these replies or posts. Plus, as someone else already mentioned, moderation here is quick, that’s what matters in the end.

However if one day, a group of people decides to raid the forum, Roblox could work on a temporary toggle on/off censoring system, so bypassing is fought or a set of stricter requirements is enabled to perform actions on the forum for a certain amount of time, while moderators hunt down the malicious group of users.

I’m sure no one wants to see this place become the forum that was once on the website, we shouldn’t ruin it for everyone just because a group of people has to be social rejects.

I don’t understand, why people waste their time sitting next to their computer and waiting until they get accepted and get kicked, what’s the point?

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