Add "Reason" parameter to game.BindToClose

As a roblox developer, it is currently too hard to determine if a server is shutting because of a request from the developer, or due to natural causes (Such as the server running out of memory).

Roblox recently introduced a feature that automatically closes server that approach the memory threshold, as explained by @PageFaults in this thread.

This has caused a large amount of confusion in Car Crushers 2, because we use a custom teleport system that labels these shutdowns as “Updates”. If we knew the shutdown was because of memory issues, we would be able to display this to the users and streamline the server refresh to make it quicker.

There are still advantages to using custom teleportation instead of the new automatic reconnect feature. Namely:

  • We can add teleport data and bring some of the server states back to how they were
  • We can teleport players back to non-root places

Before roblox is able to address the two use-cases above, this “Reason” parameter would be more than enough to resolve this for us.


Hey Panwellz,

Thanks for reaching out and the feedback! We love to hear from developers about how we can best support your experiences and development.

We are actively exploring different ways to provide creators more information related to server state.

I don’t have anything to share at this time, but hang tight :wink:

– PageFaults