Add the Ability to View the Players You Played With on a Server

Hello everyone,

As a Roblox player, it is currently impossible to note down whom I was with on a server. Sure, you can go to their profiles and bookmark it. Or, you can do it the old fashioned way–jot it down in a piece of paper! But, both of those methods are inefficient and unorganized especially because of the vast amount of players you meet while gaming.

Having a section reserved for a list of players (I’ll call “played with” list/section) that were on a server with you would allow users to easily interact with them even after leaving that server. Take the following scenario:

You are on a small server of a game (well, of course). And you’re having a lot of fun with a certain player or players on that server. You want to friend them so that you can play when them later on, but that dreaded 200 friends limit has already been met. You can follow them as an alternative, but some players (I believe all under <13) have the setting that only allows friends to join their server. There is nothing you can do now to secure your chances of playing with them again. Sure, you can visit their profile, but their username is mostly not easy to remember. Due to the username crisis, they’ll have numbers stuck to the end of their username that you won’t easily remember. Just typing in the non-number characters would display countless other accounts with similar usernames. So, it’s over. :frowning_face:.

For those who read it, this may sound similar to the “rejoin game” button request I posted, but that had a flaw in which you accidentally leave the game yourself (perhaps a mishap with the hotkeys), in which that button won’t matter at all.

If Roblox is able to address this issue, it would improve my experience because scenarios like above can have an easy fix and a tragic result where two future friends get lost would not occur. But not only that, there are other use cases for this:

Use Case(s)

Unlike losing a “friend” that you’re not friends with, having a way to check which players were with you on a server can make it extremely simple to report a rule-breaker. They know that they’re guilty, so they usually leave the game before anyone has a chance to report them. But, you can quickly whip your browser (after leaving the game), go to that “played with” section, select their avatar, and report them on-site.

Answers to Potential Questions

Here is the little FAQ with questions many will ask and point out the flaws of this. More may come in the future.


What about massive servers with huge player counts?

Well, to go in-line with the “lost friends” scenario from above, giving the players you interacted with the most or a lot, aka chat, a higher priority to be displayed would easily solve the problem. To satisfy the rule-breaker scenario, the players who left the game shortly after joining also get a higher priority. I don’t want to go too in-depth with this because if this is approved by Roblox, they will figure out some good algorithm.

What about storing all this data?!

To prevent this from getting too storage-intensive, this list should only be displayed for the past week (some short interval like that).


This is what one entry on the “played with” list would look like. Interval is how long you were on that server, and the players shown are the players who were on that server within that interval.

Only a template, not necessarily real!

I’m a huge @coefficients fan.

Closing Remarks

As you can see, whether it’s the “finding your future friend” or “punishing that baddie” scenario, this feature will act as a back-up place to access players and their profiles in case it’s not possible in-game. I’ve said this many times, but modernization should take into account user experience. It would certainly be extremely annoying if you can’t play with a newly met player on the same server again or if a rule-breaker gets away. This “played with” list (in a way) can also act as useful data for later on. You shouldn’t lose everyone on a server you played with for potentially hours, it would be best if they were to be documented somewhere.

Thank you for reading my request,
and Happy National No Dirty Dishes Day! :plate_with_cutlery:


Agree 100%! This should definitely be implemented. Also, if you search a username, it gets tagged at times which restricts you access to view their profile unless you meet them in a game. (unlikely!)