Add the Follow and Block Player Options to the In-Game Menu (or at least back in the player list!)

Note: This topic was written before the new player list came without the follow option (which the old one had). Thus, you’ll see words like “also” crossed out, since there is literally no way to follow players in-game purely via the core GUI. My new request is to at least add this option back to the player list. Having all the player-list actions appear both there and in the in-game menu is redundant especially when crucial features like following users is missing from both places. See more below.

Hello everyone,

As a Roblox player, it is currently hard to follow and block a user when you are on a server where the game disable the default player list. Right now, in that situation, the only way to follow or block a player is to visit the website or app and do those things there. But, that is not quick and easy for players. That is why I request that these two options should also be added to the in-game menu (opened by the button on the top left of the screen). Similar to how the friend option is in both the player list and the menu, following and blocking a user should also be part of the in-game menu.

If this gets added, then it would improve my experience because if I want to follow or block a player, I can easily just open the menu and click on the corresponding buttons. This would allow players to not be AFK for the time that they are on the app/website trying to follow or block a user.

I hope you also view this as an important addition,
And thank you for your time!


Back then, the old player list was in use, which actually contained the Follow option. But, ever since then, the new player list has removed the ability only containing these options:


I’m 99% sure people use the Follow feature more than Examine Avatar. I don’t think seeing what avatars are wearing is more important than being able to follow them, so this option should be replaced by the former Follow option, or just added if replacing is somehow not wanted.

The only commonly used button is friend request one. The friend request button is quite useless for some with the 200 limit, but not for followers.

Removing the Follow button discourages people to follow others. For one, it’s absolutely annoying to go to the website just to follow someone. Furthermore, mobile devices as well as the new Roblox Windows App wouldn’t allow this along-side functionality. I believe Roblox is trying to change what Follow is supposed be used for, encouraging only extreme popular accounts to gain them. Normal players in-game who want to follow each other (for their sheer gaming ability, helping them, etc.) in order to tie their accounts in some way among the billions out there – they can’t really do that unless they visit the website.

All the above actions (friend request, examine avatar, etc.) can also be found in the in-game menu, but not having the follow button in at least one of these just doesn’t make sense. Please add the follow button back to the player-list and/or the in-game menu. Thank you.


The fact this feature STILL hasn’t returned is not good on Roblox(s) behalf. Roblox needs to add this feature back as it allows players to express their support for another player, the follow feature could also be expanded on to allow the return of feeds, this would allow developers etc. to post updates surrounding general development.


I think this feature could help players significantly, knowing that many players are at the friend limit, they could now at least follow a player to join them or friend them later. I would also love to see an API addition of manually prompting to follow a user in-game, the same way there are methods to send friend requests and block/unblock players.