Add the Trade option to the mobile app

As a Roblox user who plays Roblox on mobile 50% of the time, I’ve noticed over the years that the mobile app is lacking a few features seen on desktop. One of these missing features is a Trade option.

Trading items with other users especially sounds like a feature fit for the mobile app, due to it’s overall simplicity. Sure, this could be done if you use the mobile website, but the Trade page itself is poorly optimized and doesn’t fit the screen.

If Roblox were able to implement a proper Trade page for mobile, trading items and viewing my transactions would be as easy as a tap of a button. I would be able to look at my trades while doing something else, such as playing in-game on another device.


Bumping this. Besides developing on Roblox, I do trade items alot.
Currently when I am on mobile, I have to request my browser to show me to desktop website in order to press the “Trade Items” button.
After that, I can go back to the mobile website to make my trade offer and send it. For reviewing and countering trades I don’t even have to go to the desktop site.

What I’m trying to say with this is that everything already is optimized for mobile, but that the “Trade Items” button doesn’t pop up when trying to send someone a trade and there’s no button in the mobile app.
Just add those two things please, it would help lots of traders!


Bumping this as well. Roblox Mobile currently supports trading- but BARELY.

You can access trades through your messages which is very tedious and counter productive.

My suggestion is to simply add a trading button and fit the overlapping UIs.