Add topic owner tag

In other websites such as reddit, users who create a topic have a tag next to there name when they post on said topic,
I think this would be a useful feature in the devfourm because it would stop situations like this from happening;


yeah this would be a nice thing to have i agree


Can see some benefits to this!

  • Staying on-topic: For instance, in a scripting question, someone might propose a solution where others give feedback on.
    With an OP badge, everyone will be reminded that they’re looking for a solution for the original poster, keeping the discussion focused on their specific issue rather than turning into a generic code discussion.

  • Quicker for Roblox staff: In the case of a bug report, engineers may have questions about reproduction. Other users tend to join the conversation, leading to a cluttered view. Having an indicator of who submitted the report would prevent confusion.


I support this feature request, I’ve seen some funny situations where the OP helps themselves, This hopefully will prevent some confusion with that funny situation, It will help roblox staff in #bug-reports topics, I’ve seen three people cluttering the bug report and a roblox staff warned them not to do so

topics in case anyone haven’t seen it:

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I agree with this request. It would be helpful and it’d make me look cooler on my topics. :grin: :sunglasses:

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