Add WNTS to Platform Feedback

On Platform Feedback currently, there are some suggestions that repeatedly show up in new threads time and time again. While we already have guidelines about this kind of behaviour (‘use the search bar before posting a suggestion’), it’d probably be a good idea to pin a WNTS (What Not To Suggest) thread with a list of commonly suggested features that have already been declined, for example world reflections for parts.

Might help reduce the number of duplicate threads, especially from newer members, who seem to be the primary offenders.


So pretty much going back in time to old forums rules?
I do support this

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I’m not sure how a WNTS list would work. It seems fundamentally flawed for the platform in my opinion. There aren’t many (if any) cases where features have been labeled as “never to be implemented” no questions asked.

Not implementing a feature probably comes down to a couple of things: technological limitations, lack of dev-support, lack of a valid use-case to justify it, and so on. These factors can all change as the game development industry, Roblox, and developers progress. Next week an obscure, old feature request could be re-surfaced because it’s suddenly relevant to developers, prompting engineers/product teams to re-consider implementing it.

New members can’t create topics in platform feedback, so generally post approval will catch requests before they’re created and decline them or ensure they have a proper use-case and meet the feature request guidelines. If you notice a duplicate topic has slipped through us, you could flag it as “something else” or DM the community sage group, with a link to the original topic.


I disagree. Most forums I’ve read have a loose guideline to prevent repeated posts (e.g. “Did you look for solutions on the Developer Hub ?”). I feel this is enough. Aside from that, situations can change! Both facts and opinions.

For example:
Offline support. Roblox laughed off this suggestion in a livestream a while back, citing that Google Docs does not have offline support. And on their old Forum they said this suggestion was not allowed. Well, Google Drive (which replaces Google Docs) does have full offline support. Things changed (hopefully their opinion will some day!).

How would a online game like Roblox get offline support?

Anyways, I’m against having a WNTS because it heavily limits ideas and sometimes ideas that were rejected in the past could be looked at again and maybe be added. A WNTS list would likely mean that those ideas are forever trashed never to return.